I was at a kitchen store and came across a very interesting knife. I went a head and bought it, as it was only six dollars. It had two points of the end, and my first instinct, was, it’s a knife to fillet fish…
It sort of looked like a fish to me.
I brought it out to the car to show DH, and he asks me what kind of knife is it?
Still not reading the back of the package..I told him it’s is a knife to fillet fish.YES, that must be it!
The next day we are at a friends house, when my friend pulls out a knife, which looks just like the one I bought.
Who says girls don’t like strange looking knives? :o)~

 I’m asked by a friend, if I know what kind of knife it is?
I told her, no. But I just bought one myself.
She asked me if I Googled it yet? To find out what kind of knife it was?
I told her I hadn’t, because what exactly would I be Googling? Strange knife?
Knowing I hadn’t taken my new knife out of it’s package, I came home and took it out of the drawer.
I decided to read the back…. And guess what?
I would have never guessed. I didn’t know they existed. I thought people used cheese cutters to slice cheese? And what the heck is up with these super sharp points at the end of the knife, that make it look like a fish?


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