Three dead Guineas

Three dead Guineas

~Part 1 of 3~

One day Dh brought home three Guinea chicks.

He placed them on the front porch in a small crate with a lid.

The man that sold them to him said that they will need to stay in a small area for a few days, in order to get use to the area, before letting loose.
DH dropped them off on his lunch break, then went back to work.

I went out to look at them with the kids more closely…I didn’t know too much about them. Other then they are super noisy once they mature in age. They are good working birds though, DH said.

I told the kids that they are somewhat like baby chickens, a bit bigger when full grown, and they will take care of all the bad buggies in the yard. YAY!

After the mini lesson, my youngest asked if she could hold one.

I figured, why not?

I lifted the lid and picked one up.

I decided that the lid could remain off, because they were much too tiny to fly off. After she was done holding it, I thought to give it some exercise…

I felt bad seeing them all in a tiny crate.
So I gently placed it on the front porch. ❤

We watched it for a few minutes, as it just kinda stood in one place.
My son asked me why it wasn’t doing anything fun?
I didn’t know. Maybe it was just taking in the new surroundings….

The kids got bored quickly and headed back inside.


I decided that if it was just going to stand in one place, I might as well have a seat on the porch swing.

After about  twenty minutes, I placed it back in the crate, and took another out.

Just as soon as I placed it in the same place as the other one was, it darted off under the van like Speedy Gonzalez!!
I freaked out and called for the kids to come help me!

I guess my voice scared the little guy, or girl… And it darted across the dirt road and into the corn field.

The kids ran off in the corn field in hopes to catch it for me.

I really had faith that they would.

I mean, five kids, verses a tiny itty-bitty chick? Of course they would catch it!

That is when DH called to check in on them.

He wanted to make sure they were fine.

I told him, Sure, they are fine….If I could care for five kids, what the heck did he think?! That I couldn’t watch over a few tiny chicks??


There was really no need to go into detail over the phone.
Besides, they were FINE….
At least two out of three were.
With any luck, the kids would catch the little guy and bring him back to the crate in a few minutes.

I hung up the phone, and called out for the kids. I didn’t hear them.

They must have been deep into the corn field by now.

I walked over to the field.
As most girls, kinda scared..Recalling the Horror Movie, Children of the corn.
I didn’t really want to go through the field…. :o/

That is when I heard a noise!

I called for the kids again, and heard one of them yell, “Don’t let the cat get him!”

I forgot about the two vicious cats we have. They are AMAZING HUNTERS!


Still feeling hopeful, I went back over to the porch swing and had a seat. What was I going to do?

Then in a few minutes, I heard the kids coming.

They returned empty handed…*sigh*

They told me that they were all hot and sweaty, and wanted to go back inside.


I remained on the porch swing trying to figure out what I was going to tell DH…

 Just then, I noticed a pretty large size bird swooping down to the corn field… UP! UP! UP! into the air…Seriously?!

What was that thing it had in its feet??

You guessed it! It appeared to be my Guinea.


Just as it was making its way back in the sky, my son was looking out the front window yelling for his siblings to come look at the big bird that caught a big mouse!!


My oldest saw that it was NOT a mouse, and came outside and said…

“I guess the cats didn’t catch it?”


I just looked at her…….



The positive side was: WE STILL HAD TWO MORE!
Well, we did..until Day two came. :o(


Why I love my, As Seen On TV Gopher.

 Why I love my Gopher….



NO! NO! Not that kind of Gopher, but they are cool too!

I’m talking about my AS SEEN ON TV Gopher.


I have not one, but TWO, Gophers. Also known as: EZ-grabbers, reach and grab,grip & grab,nifty-nabber, pick-up stick, and helping hand…(Who thinks of these names?)



They really do make life a bit easier.

I’m not short, yet still fine myself reaching, Err, grabbing…for my grabber! :o)


 One is for outside use only. Mainly to remove trash from the yard, and reach for the hen eggs.

The other is for indoor use.
In fact, I just used it about an hour ago.
I was looking for a container for my daughters extra crayons and went into the, over crammed pantry.And Wayyyy at the top of the shelf, I noticed some old Christmas cookie tins. I thought to myself..Hmm, they are to far to reach.. and all the children are in bed, so I can’t get one of them to climb up on all these bins..Whatever will I do?




I envisioned my grabber! And within seconds…I had my cookie tin down.


I also use it to pick up kibble that my dog drops out of his food bowl, and toys that the kids leave laying about.


And just check out this lady here: 


She’s making use of her Grabber!


And how about those shoes left in the doorways??


Do you have one? How do you make good use of it, if so?

Witch Hazel- New found friend

Witch Hazel

I turned in my pricey Clinique toner for Witch Hazel, about three months ago. 

I couldn’t be more pleased!

I had a lady at church tell me that she’s been using it for years, and swears by it. I had an old bottle of witch hazel stashed in the cabinet that I bought down here from our move, eight years ago. I guess it doesn’t go bad?

I don’t even remember why I bought in the first place, but do recall the stuff  was well under two bucks.

I started using it about twelve weeks ago. I stopped using everything else on my face, except coconut oil, which is my go-to moisturizer.

After about the third day, I noticed my skin changing dramatically. In a good way! The skin pigment was evening out, my face was less oily, and all my acne was slowly fading. YAY!

I  apply it 3x a day with a cotton ball. Mainly, my T-Zone area.

I want to grow cotton so bad! I see it grown everywhere down here. And I want to grow myself a cotton field!

That said, I also want to grow some Witch Hazel shrubs.

I heard they  grow wild in North Carolina, but was clueless to how they even looked. Turns out, after Googling..they are darn pretty!

Look at those flowers!

Look at those flowers!

In order to make witch Hazel, all you need to do, is take a good three cups of the Witch Hazel bark and boil it in a bit over a gallon of distilled water for a few hours. That is it! It will last in the fridge for a week, or if you want it to have a shelf life, you add 14% Vodka.

I’m very excited about this!

I’m currently making pecan rum, which is just about ready. Not very cost efficient though. Those darn pecans are super expensive.  *sigh* And as always, I have a steady supply of Kiefer and Kombucha brewing.. I’m also starting some homemade Vanilla extract.

Making Witch Hazel will be so much fun!

I went to buy a new bottle of Witch Hazel a few days ago and had a cow when I saw that it cost $5.99!

I have no idea how it managed to jump up that high. I remember as a kid, my mom would use it has hand sanitizer. She would buy them two for a dollar.

It is good for so many things. Body aches and pain,sunburn, bug bites (stops the itch!) And face astringent.

Here is what the shrub looks like. Does anyone grow it?


How to Look, and Feel OLDER

~DH recently mentioned that he would like me to start looking and dressing a bit more ‘mature’



~Notice everything that is going on in this picture. Hair is washed, air dried, and  straight from the shower. Eye-brows are not groomed. No make-up of any kind on. Blemishes in full force. Big mole on tip of nose, unsightly discoloration on cheeks. Aging teeth.
How to look, and FEEL older:

1. Stop coloring your hair. This is one of the worst things you can do. It camoflodges your age so much.
You want to look natural! You want to embrace your grays, even if you just have a few popping in around your ears, or crown. They are a sign of wisdom…Let everyone know how very wise you are.:o)

2. Speaking of hair: don’t curl, tease, or straighten it. Another plug..for being natural.

3. Stop wearing make-up. Completly!
This means, no concealer or foundation. You do not want to cover up those broken caterpillers,hyperpigmentation, age marks,skin discoloration, blemish’s, scaring or freckles.
This said, bright blue eye-makeup is VERY aging!
 If you need to walk on the wild side, yet still reveal your true age, or possibly add a decade to your palette…Then go get yourself some of that 1980’s electric blue mascara and eye shadow.
Oh, and be sure to never put anything on your lips. They age very quickly, so you do not want to keep them mosturized, AT ALL!  No vaseline, chapstick or anything glossy!
That said, you can use a Matte lipstick if you like. Matte lipsticks crease and sink down into all those wrinkles, in your aging lips.
Also, do not brush your teeth more then a few times a week. Use a staining tooth paste, not to be confused with a whitening toothpaste.
You do not want white teeth!
They have a way of making you look healthy and young. Stick with the brands: AIM, which is a nice greenish-blue tint, or better yet, CLOSE-UP, which is a bright red!
These have a tendency to stain your teeth well, which means you can add a few more years to your look.

4. Lay out in the sun for 4+ hours a day, with no sunscreen. This will promote age spots all over the body and add several years to your look.It will also increase saddlebags and those beautiful rings of extra skin around your neckline.

5. SMOKE! Smoking is an Awesome way to add age, and leave a nice yellow tint to your ‘mature’ skin. It also stains for teeth and nails.

6. DRINK UP! And I don’t mean water!  Yes, everyone knows that drinking hard core liqueur ages you quick! So tie one on with your friends!

7. Just say NO! to fruits and Veggies! They detoxify your body, and you don’t need that. You want your TRUE age to transform you into the aging beauty that you are! Of course if you want to add some edible age to your look, carry a baggie of prunes in your purse. The smell that they will give off to those around you…will add a couple years in itself. If you want to add even more, GO FOR IT! EAT EM’UP! I highly recommend the lemon, or orange essence ones. They come in a box though, so you will have to baggie them up. I know what you’re thinking..You want to still be able to have FUN, yet look older, and more mature too? No problem!
While at a stop light, take the baggie out of your purse and pop a couple prunes in your mouth, while smiling at the cute guy in the sports car next to you..With any luck, you will have some left over prune remnants in your two front teeth.. Annoyed, he will quickly turn from your viewing, while silently thinking to himself, “What’s with these old ladies nowadays?!”

8. Don’t Shop! Heavens to mercy, don’t shop for anything new for yourself. This means that your trusty undergarments that you’ve had for the past decade, will continue to serve you well.
Just stitch them up where need be…By taking the time to stitch them up, you can reflect on your age, and the time you bought them new…You will feel older in the process…
Embrace a nice comfy, full elastic waist sweat suit. Keep it toned down though..Nothing in an exciting color, unless you have a party to attend?
A nice pastel yellow or muted gray works fine.
On the days when it’s in the wash, just wear some of your old maternity clothes.
They will make you feel special, in an older way.
If they are packed away, then reach to your husbands closet. His clothing will be nice and baggy.
Most likely stained up.(insert EXTRA frumpy here.)
His clothing will make you look older, and most importantly, feel older! Make sure you stop shaving too! No need to impress anyone.

9. Stop using body lotion. I know not many of you do, Because it’s so time consuming. Lotion helps keep your skin firm and tight! This means it will not age approprietly. So cann all the Bath and Body work products. Also, don’t wear any nail polish, or paint your toes. You want the yellowing to be able to shine through.

10. Lastly, stop spraying yourself with body sprays, colognes and perfumes. Seriously, they give an illusion of youth. They play with your mind and self esteem.
In other wards, they make you ‘feel pretty’ And you do not need to feel anything..You are OLD!
Your time has come and gone! EMBRACE IT!
These artificial smells also play with other peoples minds. People will smell you, thinking you are some young hen, when in reality, you’re an aging chicken!
If you REALLY feel the need to smell like something besides bath soap, which by the way…ditch all those body washes that smell like a fruit salad or bed of roses…A natural Lye soap, or bar of Ivory, will be a better suited for your aging self.
You need to smell your age, which means, you need to invest in some Icy Hot or Ben-Gay.
Keep in mind, that you do not need to use these things only when you are in pain. Feel free to dab a bit of ointment behind your neck and knees before leaving the house. AND, before going to bed at night if you want to deter your mate.
Personally, I have found that tea tree oil works great too. I personally, L.O.V.E the smell of tea tree oil. It actually excites me, but that’s besides the point!
My husband hates it and doesn’t want to be around me if he smells it.
So there you have it. You now know what you need to do, to look, and feel your TRUE AGE.

The Made-Up ME!

The Made-Up ME!

~Notice the deep red hair color. Curled hair and groomed eye-brows. Eye make-up and lip-gloss. Whitened teeth, from using a homemade toothpaste.  Pretty green outfit to enhance eyes and red hair. Foundation to even out skin blemishes and reddening..and well, I still have that dang mole..No bodies perfect. :o)


Please feel free to let me know if you have any other ways to enhance age…I’d love to know.



As we age….

Disclaimer: This is not a Christian based post.

Resent studies have found, that a husband who supplies his wife with designer bags and shoes, have a much less chance of divorce.
Apparently, they are a more happier couple.
Women feel special and loved, not wanting to look elsewhere, and men flirt less with other women, because “Happy Wife, Happy Life!”

This is NOT my opinion, this is what I caught at the end of a news segment earlier. I thought it was, well, interesting.

I suppose it’s the same as saying, if a man ‘Gets It’ Morning, Noon, and night..he will be happy and never look elsewhere.

However, I  still recall the news story of, Billy Joel, cheating on Christie Brinkley!?
I will never buy into any of this..*shaking head no*
I remember as a teen hearing about them, and thinking…WHAT?!

I wish they mentioned the women’s ages that they surveyed. I have found that women in their 20’s and early 30’s, are very different from women in their late 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. Regarding what they want in a relationship.  I guess I shouldn’t blanket statement ALL women, but generally speaking, using my past friendships, and myself for example..When I was in my 20’s, I was just looking for an fun adventure. Not to be mistaken for a ‘good time’…but more of..What type of guy can take me everywhere?

Gifts were also very important to me, as they made me feel loved, because that was my moms love language She was never around, but would always  leave me presents. I’d wake up and find them on my nightstand. Get home from school and have one on my bed..Get stuff in the mail all the time. You get the idea.

I did take this somewhat with me into adulthood…So I may have fit into this study back in my younger years. Many of my girlfriends also followed suit.

That shared, in the past 8-10 years,  I’ve really changed, as do most people.

There is something different that happens to you between age 30 and 40. Not just for women, either. Men too! They change, drastically.

You think differently about life and people. You become more accepting. You pick and choose your battles more wisely. You mature.  You change in certain areas, yet realize things that use to be important to you, simply fall to the back burner.

And things that were important to you, that you placed on the back burner long ago, suddenly take center stage.

It is somewhat confusing, yet liberating at the same time.

Then you have men… who mature a whole lot slower,  then women.

They spend their teen years and 20’s..looking for a ‘Good Time’..not too be confused with, ‘Adventure’.
They want a pretty girlfriend or wife. AND a good time!
I have always said, that a boy does not fully become a MAN, until he reaches his 30’s. He then has had his fun, spent all his earnings on boy toys, and is now looking for genuine love.

If a man is in his 30’s, 40’s, or 50’s and has not grown up yet, and is still the same guy he was in his 20’s, then he has issues….More issues then, “I don’t wanna grow up, I’m a Toys R’ Us Kid..sorta issues.

I had this conversation with my mother a while back.

She’s  60, and has been married twice, and has had several long term relationships.

She said that when she married my father, she was looking for security and a way to leave home.

THIS happens many times in overly religious families.

I know many young ladies who have fallen prey to this…and are now just miserable.

My mom was 17 when she married. She told me, had she waited just ten more years, which was when she divorced my father..At age 27, she would have never married him. She was young, and clueless. (Her words.) Then she dated a much younger man, who was not looking to be in a long term relationship. And like most men in there 20’s, he did not want an already made family..So after 4 years, he broke it off with her. She was so heartbroken..I still remember passing her the tissue box for all those tears.

Then she married someone the polar opposite of my father, and found out that it was a different kind of worst. And boy was it!!

That is when she started dating ‘older men’.

She said they have already been around the block, and know what works and what doesn’t, regarding women. They are very seasoned! They will treat you like they treat their mothers.. I have always said, that the way a man treats his momma, is the way he will treat you. I tell my daughters this all the time…

Getting back to my own mother, who like I said, is now 60…She is currently dating her best friend, of four years. He treats her like no man has ever treated her, she said.

He has ten years on her, I think. A widower.

They have no plans to ever marry, because they are more full-filled in having each others friendship, then moving in together, or getting married and everything that goes along with that.

They are truly a delight to be around, and very happy.

It has to do with age, in my opinion.


My father whom I love deeply, is still in his 20’s, relationship wise… He has never had a good relationship, and most likely never will.

He has always needed to have the prettiest girl on his arm…and nothing more. He has always placed way too much emphasis on looks, and still gets on my case, with the phrase, “If the barn needs painting, Painter up Michelle! ”

So anyways….Interesting topic, huh?