Witch Hazel- New found friend

Witch Hazel

I turned in my pricey Clinique toner for Witch Hazel, about three months ago. 

I couldn’t be more pleased!

I had a lady at church tell me that she’s been using it for years, and swears by it. I had an old bottle of witch hazel stashed in the cabinet that I bought down here from our move, eight years ago. I guess it doesn’t go bad?

I don’t even remember why I bought in the first place, but do recall the stuff  was well under two bucks.

I started using it about twelve weeks ago. I stopped using everything else on my face, except coconut oil, which is my go-to moisturizer.

After about the third day, I noticed my skin changing dramatically. In a good way! The skin pigment was evening out, my face was less oily, and all my acne was slowly fading. YAY!

I  apply it 3x a day with a cotton ball. Mainly, my T-Zone area.

I want to grow cotton so bad! I see it grown everywhere down here. And I want to grow myself a cotton field!

That said, I also want to grow some Witch Hazel shrubs.

I heard they  grow wild in North Carolina, but was clueless to how they even looked. Turns out, after Googling..they are darn pretty!

Look at those flowers!

Look at those flowers!

In order to make witch Hazel, all you need to do, is take a good three cups of the Witch Hazel bark and boil it in a bit over a gallon of distilled water for a few hours. That is it! It will last in the fridge for a week, or if you want it to have a shelf life, you add 14% Vodka.

I’m very excited about this!

I’m currently making pecan rum, which is just about ready. Not very cost efficient though. Those darn pecans are super expensive.  *sigh* And as always, I have a steady supply of Kiefer and Kombucha brewing.. I’m also starting some homemade Vanilla extract.

Making Witch Hazel will be so much fun!

I went to buy a new bottle of Witch Hazel a few days ago and had a cow when I saw that it cost $5.99!

I have no idea how it managed to jump up that high. I remember as a kid, my mom would use it has hand sanitizer. She would buy them two for a dollar.

It is good for so many things. Body aches and pain,sunburn, bug bites (stops the itch!) And face astringent.

Here is what the shrub looks like. Does anyone grow it?


3 thoughts on “Witch Hazel- New found friend

  1. Alas,witch hazel is one of those things I’m allergic to. I want to make my own vanilla as well but I’ve never gotten around to ordering the beans. Yes, pecans are expensive–though I live close to pecan country so if you don’t have pecans growing near you, YIKES!


  2. I didn’t know one could be allergic to Witch Hazel. :o( I’m assuming, you mean you break out in a rash. I will have to Google that. I’m curious now. We have a couple peacan trees planted. We are told to look to Harvest them in about 10-12 years. Looking forward to that?! LOL


  3. Let’s just say if it’s already irritated, it just irritates it exponentially.

    We have a pecan tree but we never get a pecan. The blue jays pick them green.


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