Why I love my, As Seen On TV Gopher.

 Why I love my Gopher….



NO! NO! Not that kind of Gopher, but they are cool too!

I’m talking about my AS SEEN ON TV Gopher.


I have not one, but TWO, Gophers. Also known as: EZ-grabbers, reach and grab,grip & grab,nifty-nabber, pick-up stick, and helping hand…(Who thinks of these names?)



They really do make life a bit easier.

I’m not short, yet still fine myself reaching, Err, grabbing…for my grabber! :o)


 One is for outside use only. Mainly to remove trash from the yard, and reach for the hen eggs.

The other is for indoor use.
In fact, I just used it about an hour ago.
I was looking for a container for my daughters extra crayons and went into the, over crammed pantry.And Wayyyy at the top of the shelf, I noticed some old Christmas cookie tins. I thought to myself..Hmm, they are to far to reach.. and all the children are in bed, so I can’t get one of them to climb up on all these bins..Whatever will I do?




I envisioned my grabber! And within seconds…I had my cookie tin down.


I also use it to pick up kibble that my dog drops out of his food bowl, and toys that the kids leave laying about.


And just check out this lady here: 


She’s making use of her Grabber!


And how about those shoes left in the doorways??


Do you have one? How do you make good use of it, if so?

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