ENVY verses' Jealousy

ENVY verses’ Jealousy
After watching a news program that mentioned the differences between these two words, it led me to have a discussion with my two oldest daughters.

What are the differences?

Jealousy is wishing you had something that someone else has..

It makes you  angry and  you start to wish they did not have what they have. You become bitter, and  jealousy stirs your heart in the wrong way…hoping something bad will happen to the person. That they will somehow lose what they have.

ENVY on the other hand, is feeling like you also would like what someone else has. You wish you both had it. And I’ll admit, I have been guilty of this in the past. I think we all have. At one point or the other. Whether we would admit it, or not.
When I pass a big Victorian house and see a women out watering her beautiful flower bed, I silently think to myself how nice it would be if I too, had that lifestyle. The same goes when I see a lady dressed very nice, and has what I perceive as a perfect figure.

It use to happen a lot more when I was younger. Thankfully, I have grown more content with age. But there is always room for improvement. 🙂

The news said that Face-book, has attributed to making many people jealous of what others have.
Mainly, because so many women post about their lives. Whether it is how great their husbands and children are.. To how fabulous their vacations and trips to the weekly spas are…

I think we can be happy reading these posts by our friends and acquaintances. But I do find it dreadful, if that is all one posts about.. (I have a whole other blog post in the winds regarding that. :o)

And yes, I know what the bible says about Jealousy.  I know it can destroy a person of any age.

Children today seeing all their friends with iPhones and iPads..I get it. It is some thing that even I struggle with. I know people that are on Government assistance, yet their children, and themselves, have all the latest electronics. I see it. My kids see it..And for a brief moment..Envy strikes a cord. I’m not immune to it. None of us are.
We do the best we can with what we have, and hope to set a good example to our children along the way. I think it is important that our children see our strengths, as well as our weaknesses..

This world is crazy…. and not fair all the time. But it is all we have on this side of Heaven…



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