NYC New York Color Smooch Proof 16HR Lip Stain

NYC New York Color Smooch Proof 16HR Lip Stain


Despite the 16 hour claim, and despite the fact that this is a “stain,” it does not last for more than several hours. Three to four at the most, and that’s with no eating!
Rest assure, This is true for any lip product.
Stains adhere color to the top layer of the skin on your lips. But because your skin naturally sloughs off its top layers over time, that color will gradually disappears. However, you can definitely extend the life of this product by applying chap-stick or a clear gloss over it.

I use to only wear lipsticks, but they have such a heavy wax in the them and stain coffee cups something awful. I was always hearing people say..”OH, that coffee cup must be Michelle’s!” *grin*

I think these lip stains are a pretty new thing…I never recalled them a few years back. These come in ten different shades, but the Rock Out Ruby is my favorite.




It is a blue-based red, which is very hard to find. Ladies always complain that they do not look good with red lipstick. Mainly because they are pink based and just look too clown-like, and brite. If this is you..Then you will like this blue-based color. Despite the name having Ruby in it. It is the perfect shade of sheer red. Perfect for this time of year.



This one retails for $4 at CVS. Half the cost of Revlons, Once Bitten, brand. Which I also love. But only have one. I had a $8 coupon for CVS this past month, so picked up two of these NYC ones. Free is always a good thing. :o)

These look like a magic marker, with a felt tip point, as shown above. As with a magic marker, you need to make sure to keep the cap on tight, otherwise they will probably dry out.
 You also need to keep in mind, that you have about 30 seconds to apply. It dries VERY fast, and if you take your time, you will have streaks.
I start off by using it as a lip pencil, then fill in the middle. It dries fast with a matte finish. Very subtle, and natural looking. It does not come off on your coffee or tea cup. Nor your water bottle.

I recently had a friend tell me about Cover Girls lip stain, but will wait for another CVS coupon.


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