Key Lime Meringue Pie

keylimepie2Darn Walmart! Darn Walmart!

I ran in tonight to get the kids some ‘fun food’ for tomorrow, seeing as I have another doctors appointment tomorrow moring at 10:30am, therefore I have to go into work with DH once more….*sigh*

I left Walmart with  a Key Lime Meringue pie!!


I was not planning on buying a pie but when I went over to the yogurt section the ‘day old cart’ was packed to the brim with all sorts of pies. All marked down to $2.99 each. Grr!

I also picked up two 4-packs of chocolate chip muffins for $2.09 each.

I don’t care for chcolate chips, but the kids do. And DH always likes a little something to go with his coffee. Which will be Starbucks tomorrow! And better to bring a .50 muffin, then to pay $2 for one of theirs!

But that’s not all! I also picked up six loaves of Italian bread that was marked down to $1.18 each. I have tried every single grocery store bakeries Italian bread, and as shocking as it sounds..I LOVE Walmarts the best! Next to my own of course.  I think they must add extra Gluten in it because it never crumbles the way other grocery store bakery bread does. And that is a pet peeve of mine. I can’t stand crumbly bread…That is reserved for corn bread ONLY!

So now the kids can make a big grinder tomorrow, and I freezed the rest to make garlic bread or french bread pizzas for quick ‘fun lunches’  next week.

Soooo—while I did pick up the burritos and popcorn that the kids wanted…. 

I got myself a pie. No one really cares for Key Lime but me!

Key Lime has always been a favorite, right next to pecan, but I don’t happen to have a torch here at home for the top. And I have yet to master whipping the egg whites just so…

So here it is, nearly midnight. I need to wake at 5am with DH..and I am eating PIE! 

Back to Green Smoothies on Friday! ;oP



One thought on “Key Lime Meringue Pie

  1. I don’t mind key lime but I rarely eat it as I have issues with citric acid. Love chocolate though but not in muffins as I consider them way too dry to eat. Hubby really likes Wal-Mart’s Italian bread as well–especially now that they slice it.


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