School lunches and Fitness

I’ve been trying to recall what type of school lunches I had growing up. I don’t think they were the picture of health….Grilled Cheese and French Fries, Pizza, Hamburgers, chicken nuggets, Fried fish sandwiches,Hot dogs, along with the occasional Tuna Boat, which was my personal favorite.

I recall corn and carrots, but I think that is it as far as veggies went. I don’t recall salads at all. And we had chocolate milk and white milk as drink choices.


So not very healthy…However, there was only a couple overweight kids that I can recall. In fact, I can only think of two. And they were both boys who were called names and humiliated, for their extra pounds.

This has left me confused at why so many kids are overweight.
Is it because many schools  have cut gym classes?
Is it because they are not getting the exercise after school as we did? –Playing outside till dinner time?
Is it because there was an ‘actual dinner time’ where moms were home in time to cook real meals?

Or is it because we now have 10x the convenience choices of prepackaged foods, and even if kids have a babysitter, the baysitter is left with prepackaged foods to prepare for the kids?

Perhaps it is all of the above?

Today DH and I had a long drawn out talk about this.
I casually made the comment  to him,  that I actually like  Michelle Obama.
I like her mainly because she is so pro-active in her children’s lives, as well as the lives of other school age children.
I also like seeing all the media pictures of her Organic gardening and giving talks at  public schools about health and overall nutrition…I can not recall any other first ladies that have made so much of an impact on kids lives. :o/

DH laughed, then laughed some more.
He thinks it is all a hoax, and the media is just showing the  five minuets here and there of Michelle doing a few ‘good deeds’ –But not because she cares. More for brownie points!
Not that the women would ever touch a brownie! lol

DH feels that she is nothing but ‘A BRAND’

We agreed to disagree, and that was that.

I can not say 100% whether he is right or not..but I do like her.

DH also mentioned how Laura Bush did the same thing with her views on education.

But did she also make a real difference?

One thought on “School lunches and Fitness

  1. That is an interesting thought about obesity and school lunch, isn’t it? I think it had as much to do with marketing, cost of processed foods, busyness of families which lead them to eat out constantly as the foods on the school lunch plate.

    I’ll vote with your husband. She’s a brand. And she’s not doing a thing for athletes with her restrictions on caloric intake in schools. Quite the opposite, actually. They are not able to get the required number of calories. She’s also not helping those children whose parents need to be beaten for not feeding their children at home.

    Ever hear of No Child Left Behind? Yeah, Laura Bush as much as W. And a real promotion of libraries and reading to your child–before birth as well as after. But all first ladies since Eleanor Roosevelt have been encouraged to find a cause and promote it while their husbands were in office.


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