Doctors and Cell phones

I went to the doctors today. I had yearly blood work done. Everything is good except my anemia and lazy thyroid…which I already knew from last year.

 They tried to get me to have a mammogram too, until I asked them if they saw the latest reports on them..They no longer feel that 40 is the right age to start getting one, but 50..
And to top that, there has no solid proof that having them at all, has caught any life threatening cancers. Most that have been caught were treated as if they were. Come to find out they were benign. 
THAT is what the news said just last week!

Then they asked when was the last time I got a pap smear and all that fun stuff..Thankfully I did just take care of that for the first time in seven years. I did that just a couple weeks ago and all was A’OK!

Then they wanted to give me a tetanus shot..which I declined, but may change my mind next year if we end up going on a mission trip to Guatemala.

I also had low vitamin D. It wasn’t low when I was tanning, so I may start that up again..I have been felling rather white…:)

I saw a new doctor today. She was nice, but it was hard discussing my struggle with trying to lose more weight… She was trying to sympathize, mentioning  times she has went up above 100lbs…
And for her, that is a lot. She is very tiny.
SOmething bad that happened, was I am shorter! They checked twice and did mention it to me. The year before last, I was 5’10. Last year I was 5’9, and today i was 5’8! IDK, I thought that was very odd. They told me it was normal, and I probably will not get any shorter.

So that was the jist of my doctors appointments this past month. I still have one other one next Tuesday. *sigh*
I need to go have a internal ultrasound done to make sure all looks good.
Hopefully after next week I will be good to go till next year, or better yet, the year after..
I’ve really been trying to be diligent about keeping up with my that I am getting older.


After my doctors appointment we went back to the office and while in the bathroom of all places..A lady came up behind me and gave me a great big hug!
A much needed hug, actually.
She is a coworker of DH’s, who I’ve not seen in ages. She is such a genuine, loving person..It was exactly what I needed to brighten up my day.

–And here it is, nearly midnight. I’ve only had 5 hours of sleep last night..yet I managed to spend the day at DH’s work, go grocery shopping. Stop at a new Goodwill. Then go to the gym and did a very good workout on the Elliptical.
 I feel very proud of myself today..
I thought I would be having FB withdrawals like I did last November, but I’m really not.
A couple FB friends have been texting me, but My daily texts have went from about 60, to 3!
Mainly because each time I post on a FB post, anyone who posts after me gets sent to my phone as 1/2 a text.
It doesn’t always come at the moment someone posts, but I do eventually get it.. 

I suppose that will change once my iphone comes in the mail. Dad called to tell me that they shipped it yesterday.
I’m still in shock that he went and just got me one.
I didn’t ask for it…In fact, if had been my choice, I would have chosen The Galaxy… DH is super happy though, because now certain Apps that he has on his phone can be intertwined with mine…
I am still not sure though, but trying remain optimistic. I know my dad just wants to make me happy, and I love him for that.

I have been watching youtube videos to teach me how to use it. I’m pretty old we will see.

The one thing that I have excited myself about is the voice command. When I want to text someone, I just have to speak into the phone to text, then voice what I want the text to say. Same goes for email.
I think I am really going to like that feature.
I will also be using it for school.
My daughter asked me what a Bison looked like last week. So I hopped online to search for a picture for her to see..
If I had the phone, all I would have had to do was ask it what a Bison looks like, and in 5 seconds flat, it would have pulled up a picture and description of one for us to see.

One thought on “Doctors and Cell phones

  1. Yeah, I wouldn’t take that “you won’t get any shorter” thing to the bank. But that’s just me.

    Enjoy your new phone. I still love my flip phone with no texting.


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