Rite Aid trip & The Flu

I was at Rite-Aid yesterday and something happened that I am still confused over.
As I was in line paying, an older woman, maybe mid-50’s, came up behind me and said “excuse me ma’am’ to the cashier.

The cashier stopping ringing me up, which was fine, as I was not in a hurry and I had a stack of coupons and was going to be there a while…

I turned around to see a woman with a flu-mask on.

I’m always set back when I see so many people out and about with these masks on. It’s one thing if you are at the pharmacy, because there is no one at home to run and get your meds, etc…But to be out and about–Subway, Pizza Hot (not eating, but just with your friends.) At conveniences stores getting cigarettes…WITH THE FLU!?
And yesterday, at RITE-AID….

What was so important? Why was she there? I didn’t notice any pharmacy bags in her hand.

She told the cashier and I not to worry, that she would leave her mask on. She was just diagnosed with the flu the previous day…

She then went on to tell the cashier that the wild birds ran out of bird seed, and she hated to have to come out, but what was she going to do?

The cashier and I exchanged glances..as to say, “I don’t know, stay home?!”

And if you really feel that the birds won;t be able to manage for a couple days, have a freind bring you a bag of bird seed?

Don’t get me wrong, I feed the wild birds here, regularly…I have been watching the Eastern Blue birds all morning..

But if I had the flu, I would not be leaving the house under no circumstances…
She said she just lived around the corner and didn’t want to travel far…Which was good.

The cashier told her that bird seed was seasonal, and they haven’t gotten it in yet. She then said thank you, and off to Walmart she went…

After she left the cashier told me she was crazy to be out for bird seed. I think I am more mad when I have my little ones with me…and that has happened in the past with people wearing masks, yet when they get in a coughing frenzy, they REMOVE them..to cough it out! This past year that happened at Sheetz, and we got sick. I wonder if it would be seen as rude to tell them that they should BE HOME!
Speaking of illnesses…I think it’s interesting that a rare-like Polio strand has been hitting California, paralyzing young kids…

Makes you wonder if the virus has been ‘let out’ purposely…So now they can ‘GET BUSY’ and work on a vaccine for it.

As well as this new flu strand that is targeting younger people..for those who DIDN’T feel the need to get the flu vaccine previous years, due to their age….
Will NOW run out and get it..Which apparently worked!
My friend April who has never felt the need to get the flu shot, got it this year, then got the flu.

DH and I have only gotten the flu shot once. And that was the year we both got the flu.
DH was telling me about a news report that he heard that said, many companies are now called DSS on their employees if they choose NOT to get the flu shot…:o(

It really does feel as if we are in the last days…

Will we not be able to buy or sell without a mark in this generation?
Will we get prosecuted for our love for Christ and stance on Freedom?

Will we die trying?

That is the question..

Are we really prepared for what lies ahead?

How about our children?

I’d be lying if I said it hasn’t been making me nervous…and I do not want to spend the rest of my days on earth focused on all of this. I want to live life to it’s fullest!


One thought on “Rite Aid trip & The Flu

  1. Last days. Hmmm. Well, it’s closer every day.

    Honestly, I do believe it’s the last days in the US but there are places in the world where God is being honored and praised so much more than here that I just think it’s a changing of the guard.

    We have people out here with “flu masks” but it’s because they have had or are going to have an organ transplant so I thought maybe that was her story.

    As for the flu killing people, it’s the same flu that killed people in 1918 and the early 20’s. It’s just become lethal or pandemic. It may go underground again or it may be worse next year. The shot really isn’t helping even in those that had it.

    Viruses mutate. It’s their nature. I still maintain that in something that’s primarily non-lethal (i.e. the flu), it’s best to have the disease. In things that are primarily lethal (i.e. kills 1 in 4 who are infected or more such as small pox, polio, diptheria) it’s better to have the shot. But that’s just me.


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