Well, along with my dog getting sprayed by a skunk AGAIN!! We have also been having a pack of coyotes. Interesting enough, the dog doesn’t care about them. Maybe it’s mating season? They rarely ever attack people, I read online, so am not really too worried about them. They actually sound really cute while calling for one another..

on another note, it has been wek since I have been taking Levothyroxine, hot my thyroid..and I think it’s helping. I have been waking up a lot earlier, after only getting 5-6 hours of sleep. I have also had a bit more energy, but ¬†not sure if it’s because I’ve been drinking more coffee?! Lol

Regardles, I’ve been able to do a more intense workout ….so that’s good. I am hoping to be able to partake in a 5k in the Fall with my daughter , who could probably do it with ease right now. She inspires me!

Not Again!?!

We’ll, Toby got sprayed by a skunk again. I have no idea what other people do to detere their dogs from chasing wildlife.. But this is getting expensive to have to keep treating..not a good start to the weekend at all. ūüė¶

Healthy food, blisters, and stink bugs, OH MY!

Well I was very proactive with my health today. I’m really trying to cut out so much¬†pasta from my diet. Currently I eat it 3x a week. I don’t want to totally deny myself and go cold turkey, so decided to replace only two of the weekly servings with a healthier and¬†see how that goes. I¬† managed to make it for the kids today, and made myself two cucumber boats stuffed with tuna salad, and garnished with guacamole.¬† The cucumbers are really out of season, so besides them being very bitter in taste, and the fact that they cost a dollar each at walmart….I tried to mind over matter that, and just enjoy them anyways.
Then for a bed time snack, as the kids ate these mouth watering brownie cupcakes topped with homemade peanut butter frosting..(Thanks to DD for using her baking talents.)

I settled for this homemade chocolate Chia sugar free pudding, with a few strawberries on the side. It was VERY good. And Chia seeds are a food that most people don;t know about. Granted they cost $20 per lb..but one teaspoon puffs up to nearly a hafe cup and they expand even further in your belly and keep you filled up for a long time, due to all the protein in them. I like soaking them in almond milk and cocoa..I through in a little stevia, and four hours later had a bunch of pudding. You can also add then to smoothies and shakes.


I also managed to do a great workout at the gym tonight..and looky, looky at this killer blister from wearing sneakers! Grr! I told my girls tonight that it is inevitable..They WILL have horrible foot problems when they are my age. I use to hear my grandma tell my mother this growing up, and my mother told me this growing up. I never listening, and took care of my feet as a teen..and now I need to work extra hard just to keep them looking moderately girlish..I get horrible you can see..and my feet eat up moisturizer, as candy! I have tried every single sneaker brand on the market, and this horrible blister was from wearing my Sketchers on the treadmill for only 45minutes. I generally wear my glove five fingers, but I thought I was going to be doing the eliptical only tonight, in which case I need the extra cushion of a sneaker for my feet not to hurt on it. My oldest wanted to do the treadmill though, so at last minute, I decided to do the treadmill with her, which I normally need the five finger shoes for. Ugh! Why can’t my feet just adapt?!¬† When I was getting blood work done the other day, the women at the lab were all wearing the same kind of shoe. I commented on them, and they all swore that if I wanted a really comfortable show..I would get myself a pair of Alegrias…They form to your feet, and have the most toe room then any other shoe, And for $109.00 price tag, I’d hope so. They are not really my style, persay.. But I am considering a pair..Maybe if they go on sale, or if I can find them online for a cheaper price.

~So everyone is in bed now… and I am ending the night with a¬†cold bottled water…which I mistakenly set on the end table in the dark. What happened?

Well, I didn’t see the stink bug that landed on the mouth piece…..:o(
Second one this year..Down the hatch!

No make-Up Monday

The news said that last Monday was no makeup Monday. Apparently, ladies across America were encouraged to tweet, and Facebook a ‘just woke up’ picture of them self . Seeing that I failed to partake in that little ditty, I’ve decided to work that in today’s blog post. I want to focus more on my birds nest ‘just woke up’ hair.

Tomorrow will be a month that I have had my extensions in. Dh told me last night that I will be lucky to get another month out of them. He doesn’t like the way they look now. Too messy!

So I woke up¬†this morning and¬†changed out of my¬†nightgown….then quickly snapped a ‘I just woke up picture’

I curled and hair sprayed my hair yesterday morning at Dhs work.

By the time we got home yesterday,  the last thing I felt like doing, was washing and conditioning all this hair.

You see, you are suppose to sleep with your hair, in either a sleeping cap, a braid,¬†and with a satin pillow case.You are also never suppose to go to bed with wet hair…This can damage the extensions pretty bad.

So much work! And I’m too old to bother with all that. Lol. Well, not really……but–

Getting back to my birds nest… I went to bed with my curled hair sprayed hair last night….NOW–I can’t even¬†get a brush, comb, or even my fingers through it. *sigh*

If I want it to look nice today…¬†¬†I will have to wash and condition it. Then wrap it in a towel for 30mins. Then take it down and apply a leave-in conditioner treatment. Then let it air dry completely.

This takes so long, because of the cornrows remain wet for  two hours after the extensions are dry.

Once everything is dry, you apply a leave-in oil treatment to the ends of  your hair . This is important because the extensions are prone to split ends from heat damage, along with the friction while you sleep.

After the oil is applied, you are now ready to use a curling iron or a curling wand. Which is what I have invested in.

Oh but wait!! You first have to spray all the hair with a heat protectant spray. This places a light balmy sheen on your extensions to shield the hair from becoming a huge frizzy mess… Then wait five minutes, then curl it.

After you have it all curled, you can hairspray it to last. But you do not need to do this last step…..Praise God for that!! Lol


Now you are ready to leave the house confidently. ;o)

So. Are you ready to get some hair extensions?

Here is my picture. And I have no make-up, powder, etc. on. Yes, I see my¬†age now! ūüėČ

Processed with Rookie Notice my natural hair hanging out on the left hand side? You can see how short it is compared to the extensions..which make me keep telling myself that they are worth all the hassel..:o/me1

Monday Madness….

imageThis was what the roads looked like this morning. The city didn’t even bother to salt the main roads, which was surprising, because their budget is so much larger then my tiny town which HAD salted all the roads.

So  due to the roads being sheets of ice, the 35minute trip to work took a is 14 degrees out, but  reached 46 degrees by the afternoon..

I really hate this weather!

It was different back home because they had the means to keep the roads safe, so life went on and things rarely closed.

Here, you are literately trapped home.

Churches are closed.

Doctors offices are closed, or delayed.

And even the gyms close down.

I woke up¬†at 5:15am¬† today¬† because I had another doctors appointment at 10am…So I had¬†to go to¬†work with DH once more..Due to lack of transportation…..

When we arrived at his work my phone rang. It was the doctors office calling to tell me that the office won’t be opening till the afternoon due to the weather. So my 10am appointment got pushed to 3pm…

JOY! JOY! Thankfully the work day went by pretty quickly. We went to Starbecks for breakfast, and had Chinese for lunch…And I wasn’t bored to tears because I had the internet on my new phone. I tried to blog again, but it got all messed up..which is why I am doing it now. Oh! And I also managed to clean DH’s office..I just couldn’t handle sitting there in a mad tornado for the 4th time!

The ultrasound went well, and the fibroids that I once had have now vanaished 100% Praise God!

However, my blood work on the other hand was a major diappointment…

Low Iron

Thyroids worst, so now am taking meds for it. Side affects from ‘said meds’—Weight loss, and Hair loss???!!! I’m happy, yet sad! I need to take the meds for two months, then get rechecked.. Turns out coffee and cauliflower is bad for my thyroid?! I swear I thought I was being punked! My two favorite things?? I drink coffee everyday, unless I am fasting..And I eat cauliflower every week as a ‘treat’ I eat the whole thing by myself each week! I love my cauliflower. :o(

Triglycerides are wayyy too high…I think it was 85 points more t:o(

She said this was mainly due to my thyroid, and my stubburness for ignoring it for the past two years. She told me to try to cut sugar and fat from my diet….

Oh, and for my iron, I need more meat. But due to fat, I need to cut meat… Aww, the wonders of the docs! :o)

My new phone case

I just bought a anti-radiation iphone case on ebay..

It’s handmade from Bamboo.

I really do not know that bamboo can block out radiation…Do you?

But it will make me feel better knowing that I am trying to protect myself.

The news just said last week that there has been a huge increase in breast cancer in young women..The study claimed that it was due to ladies carrying their smartphones in their bras.

I have several friends that do this. ¬†ūüė≥