Monday Madness….

imageThis was what the roads looked like this morning. The city didn’t even bother to salt the main roads, which was surprising, because their budget is so much larger then my tiny town which HAD salted all the roads.

So  due to the roads being sheets of ice, the 35minute trip to work took a is 14 degrees out, but  reached 46 degrees by the afternoon..

I really hate this weather!

It was different back home because they had the means to keep the roads safe, so life went on and things rarely closed.

Here, you are literately trapped home.

Churches are closed.

Doctors offices are closed, or delayed.

And even the gyms close down.

I woke up at 5:15am  today  because I had another doctors appointment at 10am…So I had to go to work with DH once more..Due to lack of transportation…..

When we arrived at his work my phone rang. It was the doctors office calling to tell me that the office won’t be opening till the afternoon due to the weather. So my 10am appointment got pushed to 3pm…

JOY! JOY! Thankfully the work day went by pretty quickly. We went to Starbecks for breakfast, and had Chinese for lunch…And I wasn’t bored to tears because I had the internet on my new phone. I tried to blog again, but it got all messed up..which is why I am doing it now. Oh! And I also managed to clean DH’s office..I just couldn’t handle sitting there in a mad tornado for the 4th time!

The ultrasound went well, and the fibroids that I once had have now vanaished 100% Praise God!

However, my blood work on the other hand was a major diappointment…

Low Iron

Thyroids worst, so now am taking meds for it. Side affects from ‘said meds’—Weight loss, and Hair loss???!!! I’m happy, yet sad! I need to take the meds for two months, then get rechecked.. Turns out coffee and cauliflower is bad for my thyroid?! I swear I thought I was being punked! My two favorite things?? I drink coffee everyday, unless I am fasting..And I eat cauliflower every week as a ‘treat’ I eat the whole thing by myself each week! I love my cauliflower. :o(

Triglycerides are wayyy too high…I think it was 85 points more t:o(

She said this was mainly due to my thyroid, and my stubburness for ignoring it for the past two years. She told me to try to cut sugar and fat from my diet….

Oh, and for my iron, I need more meat. But due to fat, I need to cut meat… Aww, the wonders of the docs! :o)

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