No make-Up Monday

The news said that last Monday was no makeup Monday. Apparently, ladies across America were encouraged to tweet, and Facebook a ‘just woke up’ picture of them self . Seeing that I failed to partake in that little ditty, I’ve decided to work that in today’s blog post. I want to focus more on my birds nest ‘just woke up’ hair.

Tomorrow will be a month that I have had my extensions in. Dh told me last night that I will be lucky to get another month out of them. He doesn’t like the way they look now. Too messy!

So I woke up this morning and changed out of my nightgown….then quickly snapped a ‘I just woke up picture’

I curled and hair sprayed my hair yesterday morning at Dhs work.

By the time we got home yesterday,  the last thing I felt like doing, was washing and conditioning all this hair.

You see, you are suppose to sleep with your hair, in either a sleeping cap, a braid, and with a satin pillow case.You are also never suppose to go to bed with wet hair…This can damage the extensions pretty bad.

So much work! And I’m too old to bother with all that. Lol. Well, not really……but–

Getting back to my birds nest… I went to bed with my curled hair sprayed hair last night….NOW–I can’t even get a brush, comb, or even my fingers through it. *sigh*

If I want it to look nice today…  I will have to wash and condition it. Then wrap it in a towel for 30mins. Then take it down and apply a leave-in conditioner treatment. Then let it air dry completely.

This takes so long, because of the cornrows remain wet for  two hours after the extensions are dry.

Once everything is dry, you apply a leave-in oil treatment to the ends of  your hair . This is important because the extensions are prone to split ends from heat damage, along with the friction while you sleep.

After the oil is applied, you are now ready to use a curling iron or a curling wand. Which is what I have invested in.

Oh but wait!! You first have to spray all the hair with a heat protectant spray. This places a light balmy sheen on your extensions to shield the hair from becoming a huge frizzy mess… Then wait five minutes, then curl it.

After you have it all curled, you can hairspray it to last. But you do not need to do this last step…..Praise God for that!! Lol


Now you are ready to leave the house confidently. ;o)

So. Are you ready to get some hair extensions?

Here is my picture. And I have no make-up, powder, etc. on. Yes, I see my age now! 😉

Processed with Rookie Notice my natural hair hanging out on the left hand side? You can see how short it is compared to the extensions..which make me keep telling myself that they are worth all the hassel..:o/me1


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