Healthy food, blisters, and stink bugs, OH MY!

Well I was very proactive with my health today. I’m really trying to cut out so much pasta from my diet. Currently I eat it 3x a week. I don’t want to totally deny myself and go cold turkey, so decided to replace only two of the weekly servings with a healthier and see how that goes. I  managed to make it for the kids today, and made myself two cucumber boats stuffed with tuna salad, and garnished with guacamole.  The cucumbers are really out of season, so besides them being very bitter in taste, and the fact that they cost a dollar each at walmart….I tried to mind over matter that, and just enjoy them anyways.
Then for a bed time snack, as the kids ate these mouth watering brownie cupcakes topped with homemade peanut butter frosting..(Thanks to DD for using her baking talents.)

I settled for this homemade chocolate Chia sugar free pudding, with a few strawberries on the side. It was VERY good. And Chia seeds are a food that most people don;t know about. Granted they cost $20 per lb..but one teaspoon puffs up to nearly a hafe cup and they expand even further in your belly and keep you filled up for a long time, due to all the protein in them. I like soaking them in almond milk and cocoa..I through in a little stevia, and four hours later had a bunch of pudding. You can also add then to smoothies and shakes.


I also managed to do a great workout at the gym tonight..and looky, looky at this killer blister from wearing sneakers! Grr! I told my girls tonight that it is inevitable..They WILL have horrible foot problems when they are my age. I use to hear my grandma tell my mother this growing up, and my mother told me this growing up. I never listening, and took care of my feet as a teen..and now I need to work extra hard just to keep them looking moderately girlish..I get horrible you can see..and my feet eat up moisturizer, as candy! I have tried every single sneaker brand on the market, and this horrible blister was from wearing my Sketchers on the treadmill for only 45minutes. I generally wear my glove five fingers, but I thought I was going to be doing the eliptical only tonight, in which case I need the extra cushion of a sneaker for my feet not to hurt on it. My oldest wanted to do the treadmill though, so at last minute, I decided to do the treadmill with her, which I normally need the five finger shoes for. Ugh! Why can’t my feet just adapt?!  When I was getting blood work done the other day, the women at the lab were all wearing the same kind of shoe. I commented on them, and they all swore that if I wanted a really comfortable show..I would get myself a pair of Alegrias…They form to your feet, and have the most toe room then any other shoe, And for $109.00 price tag, I’d hope so. They are not really my style, persay.. But I am considering a pair..Maybe if they go on sale, or if I can find them online for a cheaper price.

~So everyone is in bed now… and I am ending the night with a cold bottled water…which I mistakenly set on the end table in the dark. What happened?

Well, I didn’t see the stink bug that landed on the mouth piece…..:o(
Second one this year..Down the hatch!


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