Corn Startch Pudding

The kids were reading about the Amish and came across a corn starch pudding Recipe that they wanted me to make for them.
It is super easy to make. They said it taste similar to Farina cereal.

But it’s corn, not wheat.

I suppose it’s  Gluten Free. 😉



No body here is very fond of leftovers except my oldest daughter and I. So I decided to take some leftover kelbasa from my husbands  lunch yesterday, my sons leftover rice, a can of corn and a fresh onion from the garden and make it work.

I fried it all up in some pink sea salt and butter.

Then I added a bit of shredded mozzarella cheese…. And Tada!

New meal for lunch. Mmm. 🍴

Beauty Review

I know it’s not ‘no make-up Monday’ but after giving myself a spa-like evening at home tonight..I have decided to post a picture of my bare makeupless face up. Yikes! ;o)~

I have also decided that my love for these Konjac Japanese exfoilting cleansing sponges are just too wonderful to not brag about. 🙂
They have them on Amazon for $8, but I picked up mine at Marshalls, for only $4

I have the pink anti-aging one.

And the white one for sensitive skin.
I’ve been using them twice a week for the past few weeks. And I have to say, they are the best facial product that I have ever used. No joke!

I’m not getting paid to say this. They are the best!

They are meant to be used wet. They have built-in minerals/cleansers in them.

I used them wet the first couple times, but then I started using them dry. Which I see better results by doing.

They are very exfoliating.


They are small in size until you wet them, then, like a sponge they puff up.
When I use them dry it feels like when you do a whole body dry brush on your body. I know some people do g like that feeling. I don’t mind it at all though.
I feel as if my face just glows afterwards!

I have found that by being consistent in use, they have exfoliated acne scars, hyper pigmentation, and any rough spots that have taken up residency on my middle aged face.

At least this has been my personal experience while using them this past month.

Asians always have such beautiful flawless skin. Perhaps this is their secret. Until now….

Has anyone else tried them?

Breakfast for Dinner tonight.

Sometimes the kids enjoy what we consider, a FUN dinner!

Tonight was one of those nights. Homemade waffles with a dash of vanilla extract and cinnamon…topped with strawberries, honey, and whipped cream. 

Over easy eggs and maple sausage. 

Russian tea to drink. (Which was something new I bought from Amazon. Hated it though. It tastes like a camp fire.) 

Has anyone ever tried Russian tea before? 

Puzzles and Crafts!

I bought this cute fairy doll kit off eBay last week. It was a great little project to do with my daughter. 

She turned out great!

I also bought this 3D Apple puzzle, in which I thought would be easy. Seeing as it is only 44pcs. But none of us were able to do it except DH. And it took a couple hours, at that!

They also come in the Granny Smith variety. 

As well as triangle shapes (illuminati) haha!

And panda bears. 😉

I just ordered the panda bear one. It’s coming from Hong Kong though. It should be here by August. 😐
Lastly, I bought this huge 3D puzzle of an old Victorian house. When finished, it will stand 18 inches high. 

My daughter has been collecting them this past year. After we learn about a landmark or monument, I try to find a puzzle for it. I have found that it helps her remember the names of landmarks and monuments.
I love board games and puzzles. The kids prefer to play them on the puter, or Wii, but I’m old school. 
~Does anyone else still do board hames a day puzzles?