Social Media, Life Update

Well, it’s been two weeks and two days into no social media. And I must say, this time has been different. I’m not missing it at all. Whereas, I have in the past.

I’m not sure whether I want to return at all. I have been happier without it. My mind has been ‘free’.

Does that make sense?


What was once used for share inspiring pictures and quotes, pictures of the kids, asking for prayer requests.  And sharing food recipes and pictures.

And vise-versa….has really just slowly dissolved over the past nine years that I’ve been an active participate. 

Social Media is a great place to promote your business, but other then that, I just don’t feel it is needed for myself anymore.

At least not in this time of my life.

I may even dare to say, I’ve outgrown it. But I won’t.  ;o)

There are people overseas that I’ve become rather close with, and I would not be able to communicate with them any other way. But I just can’t be focused on these things right now. 

I am at a point in my life that I can not have a lot of continuous distractions. I see how distracted my husband is all the time on his phone, and I just don’t want to be like that anymore. And I was like that at one point. 


It has been a very busy year. And as I am looking through the looking glass I see it getting busier.

One daughter is leaving for college in eight weeks.

My son leaves for his first Summer camp adventure in a few weeks.

I have two daughters who are planning to attend art classes in a few weeks.  

And homeschooling is going to be alot more time consuming this coming year, as we slowly transition back into Abeka.

Life is happening! And it needs my full attention.

So I have decided to give blogging another go, as it is not very time consuming and can be done anywhere. 🙂







3 thoughts on “Social Media, Life Update

  1. I have been feeling the exact same way as you about social media! Life passes by so fast, and children are grown before you know it!


    • I agree. Life is so different then what it was even ten years ago. I don’t want my kids memories ever to be of me looking down at my phone, instead of in their eyes.

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  2. There are days when I wish I could quit Facebook and just do Twitter but very few of my friends use Twitter and the church’s Facebook page is attached to mine. I’ve actually considered making a second personal FB page so I can update the church page and not be distracted by mine.


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