Pool Breaks & Vitamin D deficiencies


We have been hanging out at the local pool this past month and it’s  been great!
The kids are happy to be swimming so much, and hanging out. And  I have been happy to be soaking in some natural vitamin D. Seeing as mine is supposedly still low.
Again though, whose isn’t?
In this day and age when most of us hibernate inside offices and our homes.


I’m not one-hundred percent sure, but I’m told that you receive 20,000IU’s of Vitamin D from the natural sunlight. In only twenty minutes, no less. Wow!
I’ve been taking 8 thousand IUs per day in liquid form, but my blood work still shows my levels to be low. After six diligent months!

Now getting back to community pools.
Pool breaks. Ugh!
I had forgotten about them, so I had to Google what and why, they are needed.

And to be honest, I still don’t get it.

What I have noticed is that many folks leave when they take these  15min pool breaks each hour. So there’s that benefit. Less people.

Not that I, personally, mind the crowds. 😉

Is anyone hanging out at their community pool this Summer?



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