Puzzles and Crafts!

I bought this cute fairy doll kit off eBay last week. It was a great little project to do with my daughter. 

She turned out great!

I also bought this 3D Apple puzzle, in which I thought would be easy. Seeing as it is only 44pcs. But none of us were able to do it except DH. And it took a couple hours, at that!

They also come in the Granny Smith variety. 

As well as triangle shapes (illuminati) haha!

And panda bears. πŸ˜‰

I just ordered the panda bear one. It’s coming from Hong Kong though. It should be here by August. 😐
Lastly, I bought this huge 3D puzzle of an old Victorian house. When finished, it will stand 18 inches high. 

My daughter has been collecting them this past year. After we learn about a landmark or monument, I try to find a puzzle for it. I have found that it helps her remember the names of landmarks and monuments.
I love board games and puzzles. The kids prefer to play them on the puter, or Wii, but I’m old school. 
~Does anyone else still do board hames a day puzzles? 

3 thoughts on “Puzzles and Crafts!

  1. We don’t do much of anything (except go to work) with any kind of regularity. I put together a puzzle today and glued it. Didn’t like the glue I bought this time. No brush and the bottle wasn’t user friendly. Threw another one away–too many missing pieces.

    I like the idea of doing a puzzle of the monument you studied.

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    • I think for vegans who miss the taste of smoked meats, this tea would be perfect.

      I’m going to ship you a few packs Monday for you guys to ‘enjoy’ πŸ˜‰

      Really! It’s no trouble.
      I think Russians like their teas like their cigars, nice and smoky!
      This is a ‘Mans Tea!’
      Your dh and sons may really love it. Lol


  2. I don’t think the sons have ever had tea. Hubby is stuck on green tea. He won’t drink anything else. But I’ll bet some of your other online friends would love it! πŸ˜‰


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