Beauty Review

I know it’s not ‘no make-up Monday’ but after giving myself a spa-like evening at home tonight..I have decided to post a picture of my bare makeupless face up. Yikes! ;o)~

I have also decided that my love for these Konjac Japanese exfoilting cleansing sponges are just too wonderful to not brag about. 🙂
They have them on Amazon for $8, but I picked up mine at Marshalls, for only $4

I have the pink anti-aging one.

And the white one for sensitive skin.
I’ve been using them twice a week for the past few weeks. And I have to say, they are the best facial product that I have ever used. No joke!

I’m not getting paid to say this. They are the best!

They are meant to be used wet. They have built-in minerals/cleansers in them.

I used them wet the first couple times, but then I started using them dry. Which I see better results by doing.

They are very exfoliating.


They are small in size until you wet them, then, like a sponge they puff up.
When I use them dry it feels like when you do a whole body dry brush on your body. I know some people do g like that feeling. I don’t mind it at all though.
I feel as if my face just glows afterwards!

I have found that by being consistent in use, they have exfoliated acne scars, hyper pigmentation, and any rough spots that have taken up residency on my middle aged face.

At least this has been my personal experience while using them this past month.

Asians always have such beautiful flawless skin. Perhaps this is their secret. Until now….

Has anyone else tried them?


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