Hiking YES! Camping NO!

Disclaimer: (If you are an avid camper and really enjoy the whole camping experience you may want to bypass this post. I don’t want to come off as hating or disliking anyone who does enjoy ‘the sport’ of camping. I will be sharing my personal views below though.)

Now that we have that out of the way….

I’ve come to realize how much I love being out doors in a hiking environment but not in a camping environment.

Maybe it’s because there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Which is the view when you go on a long hike. Who doesn’t love views?!
However, camping… is just not fun to me.

Not even a little fun!

Maybe it will be as I get older. I can’t say for sure at this point in my life though.

I have realized that as I am getting older I do enjoy a lot of things that I use to cringe at.

That said, Camping is not one of them.
I’m not sure how to word it appropriately, but for me, camping is just a step up from being homeless.
It’s going back in time to do everything the hardest way possible. For the mere fun of it!
Camping is hard work with the ONLY reward being shelter, food and water.
And those ‘rewards’ are NOT rewards at your own establishment.
But hiking is exercise with a view.

And since it’s not work, it’s also a FEELING….

At least for me it is. A VERY good feeling.
So it’s not about being outside. I love nature!
Wild life




State Parks
But don’t ask me to spend the night…

because The Holiday Inn is only forty miles away. ;o)~


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