Social Media

As I’ve already shared, I’ve deactivated my Facebook account permanently. It’s been six weeks and I couldn’t be happier.

For the past nine years that I’ve been on Facebook I’ve been taking three breaks a year. Once every four months. And it has worked out great. Until now.

That said, six weeks ago I felt the need to make it a forever break…

And oddly, Something always seems to happen to one of my Facebook friends when I disconnect though.

The few that I had. Which was only fifty.


Car accidents
Pet dies
Parent dies
All of the above?!

It just never fails.

And of course I’m the last to know, because Facebook is the only social media branch ‘it seems’ that people want to share on anymore.

Message boards: GONE!
Emails: GONE!
Phone calls: NO TIME FOR THAT!

Oh well.😐
Because I have no plans returning to Facebook, so I will have to be satisfied with being the last to know, or not at all.

On a brighter note:

My mental state has taken a complete 180 since I have left.

When I was on Facebook I was almost always stressed out because of all the people that used the platform as an outlet. Of course no one ever knew, because I never mentioned it to anyone. But I was very stressed! And I worried about people constantly. People that I’ve never even met before. People who lived across the oceans from me.
I spent countless hours trying so hard to cheer people up and help get them out of their depression and moodiness that it was slowly tearing me apart.
Then I  would spend my time off of fb, thinking about them. Wishing I could do more to help them.
In return , my family was not getting 100% of me.
I am a firm believer that your first ministry needs to be your family.
Everything else should be secondary.

And today, six weeks later….I am so happy that God has rearranged things for me where I was falling short time and time again.
Praise God!


6 thoughts on “Social Media

  1. I quit FB years ago for the same reasons and then some. Mostly I found it to be very worldly and competitive. Rarely uplifting. Yes, I am the last to know, but I’m at peace! Congrats on your choice. I know you won’t regret it. I have never looked back.

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  2. Oh, I hear you. Some days I wish I could delete my Facebook but my church’s page (which I’m the admin for) is tied to it. I sometimes think of starting another one just to do the church page so I’m not distracted by my own.

    As for message boards, your reason for leaving fb is the same reason I left message boards behind. I joined this one after leaving GFC and in no time I was too emotionally tied to some of those people. I can’t do it. I need space for me. I have enough emotional turmoil going on in my own life and the lives of those I need to support to take the upheaval of those I have only fb contact with. Fortunately most of my fb friends and relatives don’t post garbage.

    I still email and talk. lol.

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  3. I agree 100%
    I was never uplifted by it.
    And I could be wrong, but I feel like you can outgrow Facebook., social media,etc.
    I’ve thought a lot about it.
    Why are people logging onto FB each day?
    That is the question I’ve been trying to dissect in my head. I’ve been curious to why I have spent the past nine years there. I’ve wasted many hours that I can never get back. 😡


  4. You can definitely outgrow social media. I came to the conclusion long ago that to be successful at Facebook, you needed to be someone who loved standing in the middle of a crowded room saying something and not caring if anyone spoke back. Totally different from message boards and blogs where you really want conversation. Facebook is where you go to express yourself simply for the experience of expressing yourself. Twitter is where you go to express yourself so that you can see how many people will like what you express (by following you). I’ve never done other social media outlets so I can’t say other than the kids at school will ask if someone saw what they just put up on SnapChat or Instagram. As for me, I use Twitter differently than Facebook. I use it to get information from the accounts I follow. Once those accounts don’t speak to me, I unfollow them. No pain. Most of the accounts I follow have thousands of followers. They aren’t going to miss one that stops following. I dislike followers who follow to be return followed so if you follow me and I don’t know you, you don’t actually post or you post gar-bage, I’ll block you. I rarely accept friend requests on Facebook and do less and less with it all the time.

    As for lost time–that could be said about any time any of us spend on the computer unless we are doing it with our families or friends. I don’t consider emails or Facebook messages lost time. I don’t consider shopping on Amazon with a son to be lost time. But there are certainly a lot of hours that I spend on the internet in general to be lost time.


    • You explained this so ‘spot on’ that I just called a friend and read it to her, and both daughters were shaking their heads in agreement.

      K, keeps asking to write a blog post here, on my blog, about all the benefits of social media though.
      She sees it as an age thing. I disagree.
      Instagram is an age thing. Fb is a mixed breed. Imo

      I am still having people reach out to O, asking where I’ve been. But I did send all my DB friends emails last month telling them that I won’t be going back to FB, and that I’m blogging now.
      I’m finding that people who rely on fb as their only outlet, will not go through the hassle to keep up with folks through a blog though.
      They see it as an ‘abandonment’
      So I am now shunned.
      Consider yourself RARE E! ;))


      • Some days I’d like to toss the whole computer out the door. Others I spend too much time on it. I take people the way they present themselves. If you are someone I want to spend time with, I’ll find a way. Or maybe I shouldn’t say that since I don’t say much to some. On the other hand, those people haven’t been removed from my Facebook so they should know I still care.


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