Hiking for Fitness

~Hiking is the best form of exercise~

I’ve had a gym membership for the past five years. And despite avidly going, I haven’t lost much weight.

I think it’s because when I get tired I stop and go home. It’s that easy!
I have found that hiking is just about the best form of exercising you can get.

A full body one at that!
You see, you have to keep going…even if you become exhausted and tired…
You can’t just stop and go home when you’re tired.

What if you are up on top of a mountain?!
Maybe you tell yourself that a four mile hike is ‘child’s play’
And perhaps it is, if it’s all down hill….
But then you need to get back up the path…
If you are not an experienced hiker, which I am not… You will want to quit and go home.
But….. That simply will not be an option.
Especially if it is getting dark outside and starting to rain.
Walking on a treadmill at the gym gets boring quick. Even when listening to Brittany or Jay-Z. 😉
It’s just boring….
But hiking is never boring.
Also, at least for me personally, I simply can’t spend time “thinking” while out on a hike.

If YOU can, great! But I can not.
My mind is too busy watching where I’m stepping and keeping an eye for wildlife.

Its very sedating. Mentally.
And for those reasons alone, I have come to appreciate the mental outlet of hiking for exercise.

Random pictures from our hike at Hanging Rock.


One thought on “Hiking for Fitness

  1. I like walking. Same sort of thing. You can’t stop till you get home or to your car. My mind wanders no matter what and no matter where. I wish I liked hiking but I don’t like the weeds, rocks, etc.


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