I have been studying about all the different fabrics and how they are made today. 
My search started earlier this morning when I had a Dotted Swiss Blouse in my hand. 

I was having a brain fog and kept thinking it was seersucker, or eyelet something or other…

So I started reading through an extensive dictionary list of fabrics. And there it was; Dotted Swiss, which  is a lightweight cotton fabric with a small dot flock-like pattern either printed on the surface of the fabric, or woven into the fabric. It was very popular in the 1960’s. 

My mother tells me that it was the fabric that most of her maternity clothing was made from.
Well here it is nearly nightfall and I’m done reading through the extensive list of fabrics.

I have no idea why I have found this so interesting, but I did. So I kept reading well after I found the answer.

Take Bemberg for example. 

Have you ever heard of that word before?

Maybe if you are a fashion designer you have. Or maybe you just love learning about fabrics, like me.

Bemberg is what they line suits with when silk is not an option. To keep costs down, they line things with Bemberg

So now you know a new word and its meaning. 🙂

Dotted Swiss Fabric


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