Another hike happened…

Today was a beautiful day. I’ve been trying to be outside more…since giving up electronics; for the most part.

My day started off with this energy packed junk food. πŸ˜‰

We stopped at Whole Goods for reverse osmosis water..Which we did stock up on…

But while in line I saw this key lime pie in a cup thing. The ingredients sounded very nice, and just like that, I was sold. 

 It was only $2.99 Who could resist? Not I. πŸ˜‰

The cold brew coffees were on sale for $1.58, so I got one for my daughter and one for myself.

Then off we went! 

The hike was mostly going up and down some rather steep stoned steps. But then we reached the view…..

Gods Creation is so exhilarating!

Beautiful waterfalls never get boring to me. They are just so tranquil; that your mind  gets lost. I love that!

Once we reached our destination, it was just completely chill. The water felt great! 

Off she went!

The pool part was about three feet deep. 

It was just so pretty!

They had so much fun. ❀️

Can’t you just feel it? 

It was a hot one today. 
On the way back I took some amazing pictures of some mushrooms. Along with some candid views.

I am still wonder if any of the mushrooms were edible. I will have to check a book out at the library next week on mushrooms. πŸ‘

Or…maybe they were all hallucinogens?!

Either way, they sure were pretty to look at.

This little guy was sunbathing.

A place where I almost slipped. 

These two were all smiles. 😎

More shrooms

Me and my girl. ❀️

This one looked like it had this wet white foam on it.😷

To me, this one looked the most like something you would eat. Of course I am probably wrong. It reminded me of the kind of mushrooms that taste like a steak. The name has escaped me at the moment.😐

And that concluded our daily venture. 

We got home to watch the sun set…..

I hope everyone has a relaxing weekend.

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