More Hiking!

Another exhausting, yet fun day out this afternoon.

Hanging Rock State Park

They are very ready! 

Way too many stairs at this point.

Looking up!

A pretty view.

Taking a much needed break because I didn’t bring water this time.

New walking stick. From Amazon. 

He’s taking his break in front of a cave.

This cave is where the Tories hid after the Partiots took over their land.

She loved how this cave felt as if it had air conditioning.

Time to enter.

On top of the cave.

Daughter and I.

Small water falls

Very cool tree roots!

A different smaller cave.

Under a bridge there was a very pretty creek with Cinnabar mushrooms scattered about.

She had so much energy and said that she can do this everyday, all day! Lol

I am not sure what kind of mushrooms these next few are. Not ‘magic’ though. 😉

A lot of mold!

These ones looked very meaty?! 

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