The Bake-Lite Spoon Prt 1 of 2

The Bake Lite Spoon


(True Story)

The year was 2002

I wanted to do something special for my church home, Calvary Baptist church.
I took on the role as church cleaner, and took it upon myself to keep the church spick and span. I enjoy organizing and cleaning, especially other people’s things. I find it relaxing. This was a good job for me. One that I volunteered to do.
Several months went by and I started to overhear people comment how nice everything started to look. Clean. Fresh!

Only the Pastors and elders knew it was me making everything look so nice. I didn’t want anyone coming up to me thanking me, or just commenting about anything. So I would always go in and clean during hours when I knew that no one would be there. With permission of course.

I shampooed the pews, carpets, the cushions on all the metal chairs.

I cleaned the bathrooms and kitchen. And then I slowly started giving each room ‘a theme’ A facelift, if you will.

One of the bathrooms was done in a floral shabby chic style.

Another bathroom I gave ‘Angel Theme’

I found angel pictures, hand towels, soap dishes, and a stature of an angel for between the sinks.

I thought it looked cheerful. Pretty!

The church had a school too, and I decorated the preschool bathrooms in a ‘bug theme’

I hand sewed a bunch of cute ladybug curtains. And found cute bug stick-ons for the walls.

(Which recently was told are still hanging) lol

Then I started in on redecorating the church kitchen. I bought all new things. Dishes, silverware, curtains, floor mats, etc.

And I tossed all the old stuff in the outdoor garbage bin. Everything looked like junk to me.

Things were going very well,  until I was called into the Pastors office one day after service….


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