Homemade Cold Stone ice-cream

We went to Cold Stone Creamery for date night a few weeks ago. Two sundaes, $14!
I came home and googled homemade Cold Stone Creamery icecream,  which took me straight to YouTube.
As long as you have a Pampered Chef stoneware, or some other type of stoneware, you can make this too. 
I used my Pampered Chef cookie sheet.

I placed it in the freezer for ten minutes, then took it out and placed a healthy scoop of ice cream on it. Then I added some fixings. 

For mine I added a few vanilla wafers and a banana. 

Then using my Papered Chef slicer  I began to cut the wafers and banana into the ice cream. 

Just a few minutes later….wa’la!

Banana Pudding Cold stone ice cream. 

Cost: .50 per serving.

I made the kids some chocolate,peanut butter, marshmallow, cookie ones.

It looked like this after it was mixed.

I made dh’s a ‘little bit of everything’  

Homestyle Vanilla Ice cream, gram crackers, Carmel, walnuts, and fudge. Mmm!

The finished sundae!

The key is to have the stoneware very cold. 

This was a much cheaper option then having icecream sundaes out. It was also a lot of fun to make. 

I definitely will be making these again. 

Maybe once a month for movie night. 😉

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