Mini thrifting haul

I went out last night to do some thrifting while the kids were at their activities. 

I found boots! It was all about boots. 

Unfortunately the kids already took theirs off before I was able to snap a pic. 

I found one daughter a pair of gently worn Lands End snow boots for only $3.50.

 I checked online prior to buying them, and the used ones in her size are running for $27 on EBay, and new, twice that. They were also in her favorite color, which was a bonus.

I found a pair of Rack Room winter wedge boots for another daughter. They are green suede leather and looked to have been tried on but never worn. They were $4

 I found myself this MICHAEL KORS purse for $3.50. Retails for $298 new. No stains, smells, etc. I’m really perplexed to how it ended up donated.

I found a pair of Rampage brown cowboy boots that look like they were worn maybe once, then tossed to the side. $4

I found my son a knitted shark hat for .50 Which is still wet here, if it looks it. I already washed it. 😉

I found this new Vanilla sea salt candle. $2

And lastly; I found myself this gorgeous Sacred Threads long brown embroidered skirt. $4

Sacred Threads Is one of my favorite brands of clothing. Nothing you can buy in a store generally. Only online, and they are very pricy.

So all in all, it was a great night to thrift!
Oh! And last week I ran into Goodwill and found like new Pampered Chef Bundt Pan for $3

Do people not make Bundt cakes anymore? Because I sure do. 

I collect stoneware and didn’t have this piece. 🙂

They run for $68 on Amazon, and I don’t know how much new, but $3 was right up my alley.  


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