Bad Mommy!

My youngest (9) loves flamingos. For the past few years I’ve been collecting them. The builds-bear stuffed plush, a mug, socks, bathing suit, shirts, coloring book, stickers. You get the point.
So when I came across this huge coffee table book right before the Goodwill was closing last night, I grabbed it without paging through it first. 

I thought all hardbacks were only a dollar, so I cringed when I was charged $5, but I bought it anyways.

I came home and handed it to my daughter. She hugged and thanked me, then ran off with it to her room.

I felt pleased with myself. I love the smallest things that put a smile on my kids face.

Looks nice, huh?

Fast Forward to this morning when she hands it back to me with a strange frown.

Then shyly tells me that she doesn’t want the new book because it gave her nightmares.😱

I took the book from her and began to page through it myself…..

Lets see….we have an eagle with a dead bunny whose mouth is dripping with blood.

I’m really perplexed at what’s going on in this picture. A vulture that captured a small nude toddler who is urinating?! 

And here’s a picture that has a mythical flavor. Half bird, half witch?! Again, I’m not sure. But I will assume it’s grand ART! 

So here I am. Upset with myself for not looking through it before giving it to her. 

And to think, I gave it to her and told her to take good care of it, that it’s a special book. 

I meant because of its huge size…

I guess it’s more different, then special. *G*


One thought on “Bad Mommy!

  1. I went to Amazon and read ALL the reviews–all 7 gave it 5 stars! They all thought it was the most wonderful thing they had ever seen and it would be a joy to ANYONE!

    Uh…yeah, must be high art.

    You could sell it on Amazon, I guess. The asking prices are anywhere from $15.00 to $261.00!

    I have serious doubts about the toddler pic being any form of acceptable art–but then the people who like this stuff are the people who vote for candidates I think should be in federal prison and not federal office so…

    It’s definitely “special”.


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