Winston Salem Walmart

I have no idea what is going on with our Walmart, but I think I will wait a couple months before going there again. It took me twice as long to find anything tonight.

They moved the greeting cards to the very front of the store. They use to be by the stationary and school supplies. Not anymore.
Maybe no one is buying cards anymore? Maybe that’s why they felt the need to bring them to the front of the store. I have no idea. I still buy cards though. 
They moved the men’s clothing section over by the food. That is where the infant and toddler clothing use to be.
The shoe section they put right behind the greeting cards. The ladies clothing was switched out by the handbags and jewelry, over by the make-up, and the toy section the left alone. 
It was such a mess!

I’ve never seen it this empty!😳

I have no idea what’s happening here, but much of the frozen food was completely gone. 🤔

A whole lot of clearance things.

They were out of my favorite cough drops. 😐


One thought on “Winston Salem Walmart

  1. They are probably doing a complete refit of the store. All new floors and displays and with that, a total repositioning of where items are in the store. One of mine did that last year and we’re still looking for stuff. Most likely, while they are doing that, even the employees won’t know where anything is. That’s what happened here. One department manager said it took her half an hour to even find her dept one morning. For a while, they even had stuff up against the hurricane fences so you couldn’t even get to what you wanted. And it will change every day (night actually as that’s when most of it will be done). Yeah, stay out for two or three months then hope you can find anything for the next year. Ugh.


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