Fall is a special time of year for many reasons. It’s the time of year where my children were born. The Holidays! The Weather! It is also the time of year which involves comforting lattes’ and cappuccinos.

 Thanks to my daughters “fringe benefits” for working as a barista, she was able to get me a bunch of new things at wholesale. 

Cheers. ☕️


Self Help

1. Learn to respond to people instead of react to them. 

2. Learn to not be over excited when meeting new people, because my enthusiasm oftentimes scares people.

3. Just because I don’t see eye to eye with someone doesn’t mean I should discredit them as good people.

4. Don’t try to justify people’s bad situations by telling them that things could be worst.

5. Never look for faults. Try to focus on positives. “Be Polly Anna”