Off in Neverland

Something funny just happened. 

We drove two hours out of South Carolina, but being a passenger..I was asleep the whole time.I woke up stopped in front of Food Lion and decided to get out and run in for snacks for the kids. Not asking where we were. I’m on vacation, it doesn’t matter, right? šŸ˜‰
I walked down the snack isle a d picked up some goldfish and chips, then while walking back up the isle to check out and pay, I heard a little boys voice calling, “Ciara’s Aunt!” “Ciara’s Aunt!”

As I continued to walk, I then heard, “You with the red hair!”
It’s funny, because that always makes me stop dead on!

 And I often times wonder, why?

Would a brunette or blond stop? An lady with gray hair?
So I turned around and noticed a young boy about nine years old, with his mother.
He was very excited and acted like he knew me.

He said hello and asked how I’ve been. 

I said that I’m not Ciera’s aunt, but I could be if he wanted me to… because he’s such a cutie! In other words, I was friendly back. šŸ™‚
I guess the comment came off as too creepy to his mother, as she gave me a mean look and pulled him to go…as he was in mid sentence. Lol

Then I continued to the front end to cash out. As I was paying I let out a cough, seeing as I’m still sick. (Common cold)
As I coughed the lady behind me and the cashier stepped back a bit…

Which is something that I would normally do, being a germaphobe. I’ve never had anyone do that to me though. Not that I mind.  šŸ˜‰

The cashier then asked me if I was alright. 
Which was odd, because it’s just a standard cough. Then the lady behind me asked me if I’ve been to Wallace.

I told her no, that I was just visiting from NC. 
Still not realizing that I was back IN NC. šŸ˜

Then they both proceeded to tell me that there is some life threatening air born illness in Wallace right now. Each having a story of someone they knew falling ill from going there. 
It was all very odd.  I reassured them that I was NOT from around here, and that I was from NC.
Something tells me that they thought that I was either, SPECIAL, or VERY ILL INDEED!


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