Where have all the real men gone?

I was sitting at the Raleigh airport for a couple hours earlier when I noticed something…
Five out of ten men look very feminine.

In fact, I pointed to what I thought was a women carrying my dream purse, only to realize that it was a man carrying my dream purse…

Maybe there are simply more homosexuals then there use to be?

I simply wouldn’t know what those statistics are, but one thing was very certain; men, simply do not look ‘manly’ anymore.
And it’s not long hair and make-up.. like it was back in the 80’s.
It is their whole walk, talk, mannerism, and dress.
In the past few years I’ve noticed how incapable men have also become.
(Disclaimer) No, I’m not bashing ALL MEN.
It is simply something I’ve been observing as of late..

And yes, I know many women are not into being women anymore…

Running a house, having children, getting married…the list can go on as well.

I know. I know.

But being a very womanly woman, or something of the sort…
I miss the days when men were men.

Dependable! Fearless! Capable!

Somewhat unpredictable…
There is nothing more unappealing, and dare I say, depressing… then a wimpy cry baby of a man.

Someone who’s afraid to get his hands dirty.
Whether it’s fixing his own mechanical issues with his car and home… or working his ass off for a better life…

These are things I respect.

Alas’ Men are just not interested in being men anymore. And the few who appear to be doing it, are complaining and whining along the way..

(Another feminine trait)

Is their anything worst then a whiny man? I think not! 🤢
So, Where have all the real men gone?

Why have men decided that they are much too delicate to be who God created them to be?

Do they think that women have had it easy?
Having babies, planning, teaching, cooking, cleaning, up all night with sick kids..


What happened?!?
The jury is out on this one. 🤔

One thought on “Where have all the real men gone?

  1. I think they are all the result of years of telling kids to be what they want to be and requiring nearly nothing of them. And I think it’s also a result of the 70’s women’s lib movement. It’s all just liberalism and Satan running rampant in our cities and schools.

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