Packing for a tropical vacation (LIST)


2.Two night shirts

3. Undies/bras

4. Two pairs of yoga pants

5. One Dress

6. One Black skirt

7. Four tank tops

8. One short sleeve top

9. Two Swimsuits & cover up

10. One Towel

11. One sheet/pillow case

12. Neck pillow

13. Pads (just in case)

14. Hair stuff (travel sized shampoo,conditioner,barrette,scrunchi)

15. Makeup (tinted lip balm, cc cream, mascara)

16. Unscented Deodorant

17. Travel Size Lysol

18. Sanitizer for plane, etc

19. Off/Deet

20. Travel size Sunscreen

Everything gets rolled, therefore it fits perfectly in a 27″ gym bag that you can carry on. You dont want to chance, checking your bag and having it all get lost.

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