Story Time 

I went to our local grocer today and noticed that they had the new chocolate covered Ritz crackers. I’m dying to try them, but they were simply too expensive.
So this evening I popped into Walmart to see if that had them at a cheaper price.

 I looked on the cracker isle, but I didn’t see them. Then I noticed a man to the right of me placing some Kellogg’s crackers on the shelves.

 I said, “Excuse me, do you know if Walmart has the new chocolate covered Ritz crackers in stock?”

He said he wasn’t sure. 

I’m always annoyed when employees just brush off questions…so I asked him to help find out if they had them. 

He said okay, and then walked me over to the chip isle, telling me that maybe they would be there, or maybe over on the candy isle, seeing as they have chocolate on them. 

So we walked over to both isles and checked, and then back to the cracker isle to look. But nope! They were not anywhere.

He then aploligized that they didn’t have them, and then told me that maybe I should just ASK AN EMPLOYEE. 

He said he didn’t work there… but was happy to help. 

I was SO embarrassed. I apologized and walked away as red as a lobster.


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