My Quest for Good Shoes

For the past year I have been on the quest for a specific kind of shoe. A cute comfortable one!
After years of abusing my feet in pretty, yet impracticle shoes, I went in for a podiatrist appointment. Doctor man told me that I had Plantar Fashitis in my left foot. And prescribed me some pain reliever, as it had really been hurting.

The doctor then bandaged up my foot in a block of gauze and tape, making a make-shift arch support.
He then told me to not take a shower for the next week, and then come back in a week to have it removed. He then told me to switch over to athletic shoes full time. Nikes, to be specific.

I hate athletic shoes! *sigh*
The last time I had owned a pair I was a teenager. At the gym I wore Barefoot’s. Which turns out, are horrible for your feet. Disputes their claim.

I wanted to be a good patient. So when I got home, I cut the make-shift cast thing off my foot, tossed it I the trash can, and hopped in the shower.
Then I went to the shoe store and bought a hot pink pair of Nikes.
He told me to size up, in the event that I decided to get a pair of fancy orthopedic insoles for them. Which I did…

I wore them home and was amazed how comfy they actually were. 
While in the shoe store I tried on some Air Jordan’s, Coaches, and New Balance sneakers. But none of them were as comfortable then the ‘sized up’ Nikes. 

So I got home and started looking on eBay for other Nikes. Cheaper ones in different colors. Dual Fusions have the best arch support I have found. Nikes are anywhere from $74- $199 YIKES!
But by the end of the month I had Nikes in pink, blue, and yellow. Along with a black pair of vintage Filas, that are almost as comfy as my Nikes. Almost. 😉

But then I had a dilemma hit me smack in the face.

Church. 😐 Date-Night. 😐
What on earth would I wear with my skirts and dresses?  My pretty clothes.

Sneakers just look awful, in my opinion.
I don’t even think Keds look good with denim skirts. Although I know many other ladies seem to think so.

So I decided to cave  and I bought a pair of high arch insoles and placed them in my cute old school flats. This is done at the doctors office. They take your bare feet and place them in a mold. Then hand make special PVC insoles that are suppose to fit in just about any shoe.
They were okay, but they made my shoes feel a bit too tight.  I’m glad I have them though. 
The following week inwent to Walmart and bought a good ol’ pair of Dr. Scholl’s sandals. They are very similar to the ones that my mother use to wear back in the 80’s. 

Yes, they are comfortable, but not as comfortable as my Nikes. And my feet just don’t feel very protected in them. What if I needed to flee on foot? 

Next, I bought a pair of Birkenstocks, which I have owned before, but was never one to wear the same shoes daily..
(I bought mine on eBay, so don’t have a store to share.) They were only $40 though. Regularly, $129 


Told that QVC has the best deLs on them. 

Next I bought a pair of red ALEGRIAs. ALEGRIAs have removable insoles for any and all foot issues. They are pretty great! I just wish they didn’t have any heel at all. Mine look like the ones below, but in red..

And lastly I bought a pair of camo colored OTZ Cork-Lites. They were out of the size and color I wanted, so just went with it.

I’m so glad I did. They are so comfy! The kind of shoes you can wear for 12 hours straight, and have no blisters. Not to mention, pain. They have a serious arch support insole made from cork. 

So while they just look like an average air of Bobs or Toms, they are really so much more. I bought mine on eBay for $20. They retail for $100

I also just recently bought my daughter a pair in goat leather. There site says to size up. So if you are a size 8, you’d buy a 9. If you are a size 9, you’d buy a size 10. 

My current practical shoe collection. 
I also have four pairs of boots with insoles in them. The days of heels and flip flops are gone…

So, how are YOUR FEET? 


3 thoughts on “My Quest for Good Shoes

  1. My feet are terrific! Of course the shoes come off at home and I’m barefoot all the time. Plus, I have always had high arches so I’m careful about how the shoes fit. Thinking I really need to find something cute in lower heels though–and/or lose weight.


  2. You are SO lucky!
    And you just debunked the foot doctor who insisted that EVERYONE has bad feet by the time they reach MY age. Especially if they have not taken proper precautions in their youth, by wearing a good pair of tennies and never going barefoot at home.

    Personally, I always thought it was hereditary.
    My parents and grandparents have horrible foot issues.
    But the podiatrist insisted that it’s not so. 🤔😐


    • I spent my entire childhood going barefoot. Grandma insisted I would have wide feet which I do but…When I was in high school and college, I had such thick callouses on my feet I once stepped on a thumb tack and didn’t feel it. Not any more, however.

      I don’t know if it’s luck or not. I had a teacher in her early 20’s who had surgery on her feet for crooked toes. She insisted that high heels broke the bones in your feet. If so, I’ve had multiple breaks but my feet look fine. I have also had shortened shin muscles from the heels–hence the bare feet at home.


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