DIY INSTAGRAM ROSES aka’ Faux Eternity Roses

🌹DIY INSTAGRAM ROSES aka’ Faux Eternity Roses🌹

1. Decorative Box (I bought mine at a Michaels Crafts. Once a month they are 50% off.

Cost: $2.50

If you use the app they have in store coupons daily. Generally 40% off.
2. Styrofoam: Cut to fit inside of your box.

The white kind. Sheets. Not the peanuts.

Stores generally have this for free if you just ask a clearly in the back. Cashiers will say they don’t know, or just, no. Ask a cute boy in the back! 😉
Or….you can purchase the kind meant for flower arrangements. It’s green. Either will do, as it will not show either way.

They are around $8 though. To me, that’s too much for what it is.

So I just ask in the back of the stores if I can have any packaging supplies they plan to toss out. 😉 

I used a kitchen knife to cut the shape. As shown.

3. Artificial silk flowers of your choice. 

I used roses that I sprayed with some rose water that I had on hand. I also added a few random blue flowers that I had on hand.

You can also spritz your favorite Parfume on them if they are for yourself.

That said,  Some people are allergic to any fragrance. So if they are a gift, perhaps leave them fragrance free. 

I used a dozen red roses and four blue that I recycled from an arrangement that I already had. 

You can buy faux flowers at dollar tree, but they won’t be as full as the ones that you buy at craft stores. Of course K-mart and Walmart are other alternatives to look. Especially after the Holidays. All Holidays!

I used quality ones that had the metal in the stems. 

I used rose pliers to cut through the stems. Each stem was cut down to 6″ to fit my box. Just measure the height of whichever box you choose. A circle or heart shaped box would also be pretty.
The total cost for this craft for me was $2.50

Time wise, From start to finish: 30 minutes

Now, if you are in a real budget, you can also  luck out and find faux flowers and photo boxes at Goodwill, and the alike.

Just go out thrifting with a friend for a few hours. It’s one of my favorite pastimes. 
Here is the finished product.

I’ve been selling them for $25 a box. 

The World is your Oyster. 🌹

They come out very lovely. Worthy of gift giving.

A steal, from the ever trendy $500 per box eternity roses. Which are real roses imported from Ecuador, then shipped to NYC, and wax dipped to preserve them for up to a year.

I got the idea for these pretties, from seeing the recent news story on the Eternity roses. 😉

If any one decides to try their hand at this simple DIY craft, please be a gem, and share your pictures in the comments below. I’d love to see how yours turned out. You can use any type of flowers you like. 

These are beautiful centerpieces for your dining room table, nursery, wedding, or just to gift that special friend.❤


Aquadilla, Puerto Rico 2017

Random pictures from vacation. 
Crash Boat Beach

Cortazon fruit.

It tasted like a sweet custard. It also had watermelon-like seeds.

Just chilling on the patio.

Pretending to be a sleep. 

Ordering some pastries and a salad.

Oh! And French fries with cheese and salami, which is kinda a thing..

My chicken ceaser salad. 

She simply can’t decide which birthday cake to decide.

She finally decided on this one.

The grocery store sales add. Milk is regularly $8 a gallon. And font get me started on how much cheese and butter is. 

Flowering Numi Tea Pot

I picked up this little gem the other day and finally decided to give it a go tonight. 

The tea is a full on tea flower bud. 

You drop it in the tea pot, then pour hot water over it. As it steeps, the flower opens up. 

The kids were pretty fascinated by it.

Does it taste any better then your average tea bag? Not really. But hey! It sure looks pretty. 😉

DIY Lancôme-Like Highlighter

When the new Lancôme blusher launched earlier this year, it sold out within the first couple days. Online reviews were just meh, but the idea of a beautiful flower blusher being displayed on your nightstand or vanity, is why I wanted to make a DIY make of it.
I have plenty of blushes, so opted for a cheekbone highlighter version. 
Here is the Lancôme one. It’s in a pretty pink cardboard container.

Price: $60

It’s beautiful!

I went to Dollar Tree and bought a flower, and glass jar.

I had pebbles that I recently bought at Michael’s Crafts for half off, so I added some of them to the bottom of the jar.

Then I glued just the flower part of the Flower into the pebbles. I used E-6000 glue. I find it works best for most crafts.

Then I took a face primer that I already had in hand, (a mini Smashbox one) And I painted each petal to give it a ‘face friendly adhesive’ 

Lastly, I sprinkled a trial size Bare Minerals highlighter all over the petals.
I need to add more to turn the white rose completely pink. 

I tried it this morning. It works perfectly! 

I will be displaying this pretty highlighter in the bathroom next to my makeup caddy.

Is it needed? Not at all. 

Does it make me smile each time I look at it? Sure does! 🙂

Total cost: $5


Savannah Georgia

We visited one of the many tourist destinations in Savannah, Georgia. 

This ice cream place opened in 1919 by the Leopold Brothers. 

All the ice creams are home made. And it’s still owned and operated by the same family, generations later. 

I sampled several flavors before deciding on Lemon Custard.

The kids enjoyed the triple chocolate raspberry swirl and peanut butter chocolate chip ice cream. 

So if you are ever in Savannah, you must stop and try their ice creams. The prices were very reasonable too. 🙂