Vintage Avon Jewlery

I recently started collecting vintage Avon Jewlery.

I started off purchasing pieces that I had as a child.

Such as this red lucite apple neclace. 

A ring with my oldest daughters birthstone.

Then I found my initial.

Then a gold star that I had as a teen. Along  with a very dainty coral pearl choker. 

And here are a few other pieces that I have found this week on eBay that I’m waiting for.

I use to have this leaf necklace about twenty years ago, so was happy to find it again. 

My aunt, who use to sell Avon when I was about six years old, had given me this bracelet as a birthday gift. So I was thrilled to come across it again. 

This piece I just thought was pretty. And it happens to have all my kids birthstones on it except one, which I am currently looking for. The month of February. 🙂

This piece reminds me a whole lot of one that my late grandma had. I’m not 100% sure hers was Avon, but the is a good possibility, so I wanted it for my collection. It’s a magnifying glass.

Lastly, for now, is this pretty gold-tone bow. I saw it and thought it was very pretty. My daughter tells me  that all these pieces mimic the style, Modcloth, so I guess making old things new and trendy again, is always nice. 

Keep in mind, vintage Avon, is very nice, yet also inexpensive. Back in the days when I sold Avon, I’d buy so much of it, and pay $14-$22 a piece. And that was back in the early 90’s! Oh! How I wish I would have kept it all. But I simply moved around too much.

That shared, I’ve been blessed to find all these pieces shown, for only $3-$8 each.

My daughters have been enjoying hearing the stories behind each original piece that I use to have, back in the 70’s and 80’s.

~Does anyone else collect vintage Avon? I would love to hear about any pieces you’ve had, or currently have.  


3 thoughts on “Vintage Avon Jewlery

  1. Interesting. I have Avon jewelry from the late 70’s and early 80’s. One is a heart with a key. I have two initials. Also a green and white choker that went with a perfume. I have a one-carat fake diamond set in sterling that was my original engagement ring and the half carat earrings to match. Several rings and earrings. I’ll have to look and see what I still have. I have one set of 6 earrings but I’m not sure where all of them are.


    • Ooohh, I remember the ones that use to come with the solid perfumes. I think I’ve also seen the heart and key before on eBay. One with a dangly ruby type stone. Would love to see a pic. of your collection. 🙂


      • The choker didn’t come with the perfume but it was named for it.

        I’ll have to look and see what I can find that’s for sure Avon. The heart and key I have are pink and gold. No stones. It’ll soon be spring break so I might be motivated to do something fun like that.


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