Easy Rice Dinner

This is a very easy meal that I made last night for the kids. The plus, they LOVED IT! 
I used my rice maker to make four cups of rice. 
It takes only 25 minutes.

Results: fluffiest white rice ever!

Five cups of water to four cups of dry medium grain white rice. I throw in a little sea salt and a few capfuls of olive oil. Give it a stir, and walk away…

The valve will pop up when it’s done. 
After it’s done I open up a can of beans, (black or pinto) whichever is your kids favorite. 
Mine like both, so I opened both. 

I drain the juice from both cans, and then add them to the cooked rice. I did the same thing with a can of corn and a large can of chicken breast. So simple! And just as easy as going through a fast food joint. 

Although that’s fun sometimes too. 😉
The kids topped it with shredded cheese, and ate till their hearts content. 

My kids have never been very big meat eaters, but they love beans. If your kids like beans, then chances are good that they will enjoy this meal. 


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