Maybelline Age Rewind Treatment Make-Up foundation Review

Right off the back, I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!I have tried it five times already, just to make sure. 😉

Each having superb results!

I find it measures up to all its claims, too. 

I used the color called, Sandy Beige. I also have one in the color Nude, when I don’t have any self tanner on.
Claims: Instantly erase fine lines, creases, and age spots with Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Treatment Makeup. It’s the first anti-aging makeup combining a patented micro-corrector applicator and a breakthrough formula with active ingredients.

Patented micro-corrector applicator micro-fills and smoothes imperfections on skin’s surface

Super-concentrated foundation formula with goji berry and collagen tightens and improves skin elasticity

SPF 18 sunscreen helps protect skin from sun damage

I like that you don’t need a brush or beauty blender. Sometimes you are in a hurry.
The applicator distributes just enough product, and glided over my skin effortlessly. 

It is a thin formula, not thick or sticky in any way.

It’s buildable, but I find a couple long stripes on each cheek, my forehead and chin, seem to get the job done perfectly. 
You don’t feel like you are using a foundation. Of course it’s called ‘Treatment Makeup’ not foundation…. so there’s that..
I also like that it didn’t transfer over to my cell phone during calls, like most liquid foundations do. But what I enjoyed the most, was how it evened out my skin tone. It simply did. It came up into my creases throughout the day. So for that reason alone, I’d repurchase it again and again.. 
For setting spray, I topped this off with Wet & Wild photo finish. 
Ten minutes after application with artificial lights on:

The end of the day with natural light:



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