Hydroluxe Gel Review

I recieved this Hydroluxe Gel pillow a couple weeks ago. I was pretty excited. 
It’s a standard size pillow and runs for $59

A bit steep, if you ask me. 

However, I think you get to a point in your life where you simply can’t put a price tag on comfort. 

Aka’, your sleep!

But for the price tag, it better be life changing! Right?

I’ve been eyeing these pillow for the past few years. They usually have them on display at places like Costcos, and Sams Club. 

I would walk past them, rubbing my hand over their coolness. No pun intended. 😉
I use to do the same thing with those temperpedic pillows that were all the rage a decade ago. 
And yes, broke down and bought one of those overpriced pillows too. 

A darn shame the cat peed on it shortly after. 

They are VERY absorbent!
Moving right along…
Pillow claims: With an exclusive blend of phase change material on one side and cooling Hydraluxe Gel on the other, the Hydraluxe Gel Dual-Sided Cooling Pillow meets your unique temperature needs by consistently transferring heat away as you sleep.
Pros: Yes, there is absolutely no sweating or Bed head while using this pillow. In fact, you may even have a bit of trouble falling a sleep, due to the cold feeling against your head and face..
So, it does keep your head cool throughout the night. 

I also found that it helped with my adult acne. 

Ironically, my face started clearing up after a few consecutive nights using the pillow.

That was a plus!
Cons: Like mentioned, it took me an extra 20-30 minuets to fall asleep each night.

Perhaps in the summer it may be different. We will see. 

I would also like to note that I am strictly a side sleeper. And this pillow is quite stiff, making it hard to cozy up with.

I also sleep with one arm under the pillow, which made my arm also cold. Very cold! 

The first night I used it I had a kink in my neck by morning. It’s a firmer pillow, much like the temperpedic ones. No curves in this pillow though. 
All in all, I think this pillow would be better suited for a back sleeper. Maybe a tummy sleeper. Providing you don’t have any preexisting bank issues, as your back will be slightly arched due to the firmness and height of the pillow.

It comes like this. A very thin cotton zippered pillow case which holds the pillow, which also has a thin net-like covering. I slept on it like this the first week, then added another pillow case over it to ‘cool things down’

Please drop a comment if you have this pillow. Id love to hear your personal thoughts on it. 😉


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