Smithfields Fried Chicken 

We were visiting a different part of the state today for lunch. Nothing fancy. Fast food. 

Smithfield’s Chicken.

I’ve never liked KFC, Boston Market, or Bojangles… so this was a real treat. 

It was SO good! At least for me it was. 😉

I ordered the 2pc combo. $6.89

I thought it only came with potato salad and slaw, so was very surprised when it was deliver with pulled pork and hush puppies. Very large portions! Two people could have shared it. Drinks were extra. 

Here is a picture of the menu.

Here are the larger portions you can order. I’m still trying to figure out who would order these. Maybe for a Southern style wedding?

Church gathering?

Super bowl? 

Here is what I ordered.

And yes, the fork came in the slaw. Lol

And the best part of the whole shabang’ was they had crushed ice. Normally I need to be knee deep in labor to have this mush crushed ice. 😉


3 thoughts on “Smithfields Fried Chicken 

  1. I think I’ve heard of them. No idea where unless it was on the Food Network. Jake watches it a lot and, believe it or not, her dog likes the Food Network so when we have to dog sit, we leave it on for her.

    People would buy that much for a lot of reasons. Weekend party, barbecue, wedding, funeral even. Or instead of a funeral. A lot of people are getting away from traditional send-offs and going to parties instead in their loved one’s honor. My cousin’s wife had a party in his honor at his favorite restaurant a month after he died. Everyone said it was like he was there only in another part of the room. Desert Rat actually just wants everyone to eat barbecue in her honor when she’s gone.

    And after the fiasco that served as my aunt’s funeral–I’m all for just having a party of their favorite foods and calling it a going home.

    Although, our head football coach’s brother had his party before he passed and to me, that’s just weird. Then again, they are having baby showers before the baby arrives now and I think that’s just weird. What’s the point if you can’t see the baby?

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    • My cousin was recently telling me that she wants a celebration party when she passes, and got me to keep that in mind. Ugh! All the fast food made me sick. We were suppose to go to Ruby Tuesdays for ribs, but I just wasn’t up to it.
      I’m reading the book, ‘Daniels Fast’ right now, and am going to try really hard to start a thirty day fast on the first. Have you read the book?


      • No. Never heard of it. The people I know who fast usually start with a one or two day fast though instead of going straight for 30 but I’ll keep you in prayer.

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