Aztec Secret clay mask review

I’m trying out this new clay mask from Amazon. It’s suppose to suck all the impurities out of your skin. Along with tightening it all up!

You can use it on your whole body if you want too, or in a bath.

All you do is take equal parts of the clay and mix it with equal parts or Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar. To form a paste.

Apply to a clean fresh face. Rinse with cool water once it dries. It said about 5-10 minutes.

Of course I rarely follow directions, so left it on for a full 30 minutes. 😐

After about five minutes I started to feel it tighten. Nothing like any other mask I’ve ever tried. When it says you will feel a tightening feeling, and that’s how you know it’s working…they were NOT kidding! 🙀

I rinsed it off with cold water… because it burned a bit after the thirty minutes.
Currently, I’m left lobster-like.

Probably not the best day to be trying something new, seeing as I have a company party to attend in five hours. 🤣
That all said, my face feels insanely soft! Yet hot-like. 

So yes, I will be using this product again. Better then any pore strip. 👍


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