The Milk Bar

This is a quaint little diner that we visited today. Very basic. And mainly catered to 50+ people.

We were the youngest. 

Prices were reasonable, and the menu that an ‘old timey’ feeling. As does, the decor.

About two dozen places to sit. The chairs were ten times better then Crackle Barrel. My favorite place to eat. 

The sweet n’low tells you a whole lot about the people that dine there…elderly. I don’t know anyone who still used sweet n’low, except my 60+ year old mother.  

Breakfast was over and the only thing I liked on the menu was these chicken strips. 

DH got a burger and fries. He said it was good. Mine was also good, but I really am just past ‘the diner’ thing. It’s always a last resort. 

People generally roll their eyes when I tell them that my favorite places to eat are chain restaurants. Diners and super expensive places are always last resorts for me. I also don’t like mom and pop places, sadly.

This decor was very Pinterest like. Very cute!

All in all it was a cute place. Just not type of place. đŸ˜‰


Another Trip

Well, looks like I will be leaving for Florida in a couple weeks. I just bought the tickets. I’m waiting for my daughter to finish off her last couple weeks of collage so she can come with me.

We have a lot planned for the two weeks we will be there. I think it’s nice to have mom and me trips. Especially if you have more then one child. 

My mother is very happy because I will be there again for Mothers Day. This will be the third year now. 

If anyone thinks they can’t afford to travel, please, please, check out the airline, Aligence. You can pretty much go anywhere in the USA for only $40 each way. 

So I guess hyjacked aircraft does have its fringe benefits.. lowing tickets and all. *grin* (I know, dark humor.)

Anyhoo, I’m already packed and ready to go.

I can not believe it’s almost May already. Each year that passes always seems to wiz right by. I hear that happens with growing old.

It’s been a rocky four months of this year. But not quite as bad as years passed. 

A few things that have happened this year already have been:

1. DH’s father passed away and there is an ugly who gets what among the siblings. But this is what happens when one doesn’t have a will. 

2. My bestfriend got diagnosed with cancer. 

3. My mother lost the love of her life.

4. My father left his wife. (Not my mom.)
And so is this thing we call life.

This is why I don’t look to the future. Nor make silly five year plans, etc. But life has taught me that only fools live that way.

Nope! Live each day as its your last. Take chances and just go for it! Not to sound like an inspirational quote.. but if the shoe fits….

There is Nothing wrong with failing, because the ride is always worth the memory.

That’s my motto. More later….

Starbucks Unicorn Frapp

Well, seeing as this is a limited Edition frapp. Only available for five days. I just had to try it. 

This is the medium size. It’s $4.95

It starts off sweet and then ends on a sour patch kid sort of flavor. It is mango based. The blue stuff is colored white chocolate.

Tooth contouring 

I had some tooth contouring done a few days ago. The dentist offered to square off my upper two pointer teethalso, but I declined. 

I know they are meant to be a bit pointy. The ones that were bothering me the most were my two front teeth.

 I’m happy with them now!

I didn’t have any sensitivity like some people do. But they recommend that you wait a week before whitening them. 

The procedure is quite cheap, even without insurance. $110 for two teeth.

No Novocain or anything like that. It’s like a electric tooth filer. It only took 10 minutes total. 

Has anyone else ever had this done before?

McGuffey Readers

I have finally completed my set once again. *Happy Dance*
I have recently replaced this McGuffey Eclectic Spelling book.

I bought the complete set years ago, but against my better judgment, I lent out the spelling book to a friend, who then took off to Florida, never returning my book. I contacted her, and she said she sold it. Sooooo… lesson learned.

There is something extra special about classics. And these particular books will always be near and dear to my heart.
I’ve used them with all of my kids. Some enjoyed them more then the others. One daughter says that she liked them, but never understood why all the stories more often then not, ended tragically.
One story was about a little boy who saved a baby bird who fell out of a nest. He nursed baby bird back to health, only for the family cat to find the bird and devour him.

Another story was about a mother who kept telling her daughter not to walk on the thin ice which was on the back pond. The girl didn’t listen and drowned. She didn’t ‘almost drown’ she drowned! And the girls sister witnessed it. 

Then there is the story of the family of beavers whose mother kept telling them to stay near her during hunting season. But one of the babies snuck out anyways, to play down by the rivers edge.  The story ended with a gun shot to head of the little one.

These stories, while tragic, really stick with you!
I think they set the stage to handle life’s events, unlike today’s school books.
Anyways, here is my new addition. It does has some inside writings. But I think that that adds to its charm. đŸ˜‰