The Milk Bar

This is a quaint little diner that we visited today. Very basic. And mainly catered to 50+ people.

We were the youngest. 

Prices were reasonable, and the menu that an ‘old timey’ feeling. As does, the decor.

About two dozen places to sit. The chairs were ten times better then Crackle Barrel. My favorite place to eat. 

The sweet n’low tells you a whole lot about the people that dine there…elderly. I don’t know anyone who still used sweet n’low, except my 60+ year old mother.  

Breakfast was over and the only thing I liked on the menu was these chicken strips. 

DH got a burger and fries. He said it was good. Mine was also good, but I really am just past ‘the diner’ thing. It’s always a last resort. 

People generally roll their eyes when I tell them that my favorite places to eat are chain restaurants. Diners and super expensive places are always last resorts for me. I also don’t like mom and pop places, sadly.

This decor was very Pinterest like. Very cute!

All in all it was a cute place. Just not type of place. πŸ˜‰

5 thoughts on “The Milk Bar

  1. Looks like a charming place. I love Cracker Barrel. Yum! I like mom and pop places though. There is a little cafe here in my town and it’s fun to eat there because everyone knows each other and you can overhear funny stories. Then there is a popular local diner here and their food is simply amazing. Big menu and fantastic service. But I like chain restaurants too. In Peru we ate at Chili’s all the time.

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    • I have a love/hate relationship with Chilis. I love their food though. 😐
      We love in a very tiny town. Population 1200. And seven out us. Lol
      You are right thought, everyone knows each other… reminds you of times past..;)

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