Packing for a trip


All done packing. I feel GREAT!

Or am I done?

Do I really want to wear ‘those’ outfits that I just packed?

What if I get down there and decide that those outfits are not what I want to wear?!

Do I have enough under garments? Do they match?

Did I pack the jewelry that wil look good with those outfits?

What if it rains? Should I pack rainy day attire?

Two pair of shoes should be good. I want to look good, but still be very comfy.

But what if it rains?

Am I going to want to carry the same purse for that many days? Will the same purse match all those outfits?

I don’t want to carry another luggage to or from…

What if I packed too much? After all, I plan to do a lot of shopping with mom. What if I packed too much and will then, have to pay the extra $75 at the airport coming back, due to added weight?

But what if I don’t find much, and therefore not have as many options as I’d hoped….🤔

Packing for a trip…. The struggle is real.

And yes, I know! Dumb first world problems that shouldn’t matter in the least. I know this. 😐


2 thoughts on “Packing for a trip

  1. Yeah, I know, it’s real. Because you won’t want to wear those outfits–unless they are the ones you left at home. And if it turns cold, you’ll have to buy or borrow and you always bring back more than you have luggage space or arms for.

    I have my own 1st world problems–high school seniors about to graduate. Could they be done already? Oh, except three don’t qualify and twelve more are borderline so we may get fifteen of them back next year. UGH!! Can’t those just leave? They’ll most likely be the ones I don’t want back.

    And the rest of the school is feeling its oats of moving up a grade–maybe.

    This is the one time of year I wish everyone homeschooled. Then I’d be out of a job. YAY!!!

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    • Hang in there! It’s almost over. Kaity barely
      Made it through finals… she’s not use to
      All the tests and times.. Not to mention, lack of sleep. She’s happy to be done now.


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