Fatherly Advice

The scene: 

The father had a tattoo with his birthday across his lower back. September 8,1985. His daughter looked to be around five or six years old.

Worst advice I ever heard from a father to his daughter today at the outside pool:
Father: Lisa! Lisa! COME HERE!
Daughter: Yes Daddy?
Father: Remember, you don’t have to stay playing with your little friend the whole time we are here.

You have the green band because you were fearless, and took the test. She was too Scared!

SO YOU DO WHAT YOU WANT TO TO DO!  If you want to go on the logs or down the water slide, don’t worry about leaving her behind. You think of yourself, and what YOU WANT TO DO.

Daughter:: Okay daddy, but I’m having fun playing with my friend…

Father: Okay, but just remember, if you get bored, you just leave her to go do something else.
Daughter: Okay daddy….

And she ran back to play..


2 thoughts on “Fatherly Advice

  1. Hmmm. I can think of soooo many ways this could play out.

    Okay, not sure what the tattoo has to do with it. Is it his birthday? His wife/significant other’s birthday? His deceased sibling/bestie’s birthday?

    Anyway, the only thing I hear him say wrong might be “think of yourself.” And even that is a stretch. Maybe he was that young boy who ALWAYS had to play with the kid next door and hated it. So, maybe he’s teaching her not to be a doormat. Don’t do something just because your friend/significant other/the world thinks you should. Don’t let the rest of the world tell you who to be. Listen to your heart. Listen to the leading of the God-given desires that were born in you.

    He didn’t tell her NOT to play with her friend or that it was time to stop playing with her friend and do something more fearless. He was reminding her that she had options. He wants her to be free of the constraints of society. Once upon a time it wasn’t lady-like to play the drums, run for public office, live alone.

    And maybe he knows her friend better than she does and knows that her friend will dominate her if she can. That the reason her friend doesn’t have the green armband is because she’s afraid and is in a life situation that makes her cling to a single friend until she smothers the life out of her because she is having all the life smothered out of her.

    And since he did it out of the hearing of her friend, maybe this is the best and kindest thing he could do for both of them today.

    Just a thought or three.


    • Very good open minded examples of what could have been the reasoning behind it all.
      I still wish I didn’t over hear the convo though.


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