Eyelash perming lift DIY

So I bit the bullet and decided to jump on the eyelash perm trend. I have given myself a DIY eyelash extensions before, so I figured how hard can a DIY eyelash perm be.

I jumped on YouTube and watched about six different videos, before deciding on what kit to buy. Amazon was out of the kit that I was looking for, so I spent a dollar more, and bought it off eBay.

It took about a week to receive. It was coming from California, supposedly. But we all know it was originally drop ship from China. Just like the ones on Amazon.

Total cost: $12.20/Free shipping

Salons charge between $80-$145

So I think a DIY was definitely worth it.

 And you know what?

 I did not screw it up! 

Sure it took nearly 90 minutes from start to finish, when it should have only taken a hour total, but it was my first time.. and all ‘first times’ are well… not all that great.

So this is what the $12.20 kit looked like. You should be able to squeeze six different peems out of this one kit. And since they recommend you don’t do this more then six times per year, it will last an entire year. 

Sorry for the somewhat blurry photos. Also, no mascara on, so you can barely see that I have any lashes at all.

I decided to do this task at night, in my bathroom, where the lighting is not that great. But still.. barely there lashes are what I have had to work with my entire life.

Up close and personal of how thin and straight my natural eyelashes are. 

Step one was to take a damp cloth to make sure there is no old make-up, oils, etc. on your lashes. 

After that, you remove one eyelash perm rod from the kit. They give you two different curler options. The silicone pink thing, that you can see in the picture next to the glue on the upper left hand corner, or a basic sticky white perm rod. (As seen in the above picture.)

I tried using the pink silicone thing, but my lashes simply would not stick to it, regardless of how much glue I used. So I went for the rod, and am so happy I did. Worked like a charm. Sorry I didn’t snap a ictire of the failed attempt with the pink one on. 

So you place the sticky rod as close to your lash line as you can get. Then, using your fingers or a q-tip, you push your dry lashes onto the rod. (I used my fingers.)

You may use glue, but I didn’t need to use the glue with the sticky rod. The glue doesn’t affect how the perming solution works. Just a heads up on that. So if you need to use the glue, do so.

Next, you use the first, of the four vial solutions…

With a clean dry q-tip, you dip  it into the perming solution (white vial) and wipe it on all your lashes in an upward motion. Like you are putting mascara on. Making sure to do not get any in your eye, or on tight line. I did with one eye, and it burned.

Be generous, as this is the most important step. It is what will curl your eyelash hairs.

You leave the perming solution on your lashes for 10-15 minutes. I left it on the full 15minutes, but I know some people leave it on 20, if they can take the burn. Yes, it burned a tad. Just like a real perm. ūüėČ

After the 15 minutes are up, you take another q-tip and dip it into the eyelash cleanser (yellow vial) carefully wiping  away the perming solution. It only takes a minute. Very easy to do.

After the perming solution is off, with the rod still on, you take the eyelash neutralizer (green vial) and place that all over your lashes, just like you did with the perming solution.

This is a picture of how crazy that looked. 

But we are almost done!

Wait another 10-15 minutes. Again, I waited the full 15 minutes.

And lastly, use that (yellow vial) cleanser once more, to remove the green neutralizer from your lashes. 

Then carefully lift the perm rod away from your eyelid and toss it in the trash. 

They are not reusable. That is why they give you so many.

You now have a very natural looking curly eyelash that is ready to be mostiourizd. (Clear vial) I think the clear stuff may be mineral oil. That is what it looks like. So you dip a clean q-top into the oil and with the perming rod now off your lid, you brush on the oil into your lashes to sooth them. Like a regular hair perm, you can dry them out. So keep them mosturized.

I also read that coconut oil or caster oil will also work,  if you want something more natural. 

Take a eyebown/lash comb, and comb through them, making sure none of them are stuck together…. and you are finished.

You can’t get them wet for 24 hours, so I would try to skip the eye creams, mascara, etc. if at all possible. Just enjoy the new you. 

Again, bad lighting, but you get the jist. I am very happy with the results. Your natural lash cycle is around 4-6 weeks. So once you start having new straight lashes growing in, you can determine how often you would like to repeat this process. 

A couple close-ups. Bye-Bye eyelash crimper..

Now, how about an eyelash dye kit. Ha! 

Anyone ever try this before? 

Please share how it went. And If you blogged about it, I’d love to check it out.


What happened to being excited?

I have been thinking about my life lately and how I’m not as excited as I once was.

Once, being  five or six years ago.

I use to feel excited going to the gym. Yes! For real. 
Out for coffee.

I use to get excited going out to dinner.

Dressing up. 

Going to the movies.

Getting my hair and nails done.

I use to get excited buying myself a new outfit.

New craft supplies.

I use to get excited hanging out with friends.

Talking about being excited….yes!

I can probably go on, but you get the point.

Fast forward: I simply do not get excited at all anymore.

And I miss that feeling. So much!

I went ahead and watched a few YouTube videos the other day of people a lot younger then myself  who are experiencing this same thing.

This got me thinking about how ‘as a society’ things are completely at our beckon call. For the most part…

If you are not home and get hungry or thirsty, you just go through a drive-thru or out to eat. It’s not a big deal…And sometimes every single day.
Back when I was a kid, and even young adult, we waited until we got home.

Why waste money eating out all the time?

That was reserved for special occasions, holidays, anniversaries, birthdays, etc.

I also use to save up for things that I wanted.

But now I simply just treat myself.  Because why not?

It seems like this generation is doing better then ever. And everyone wants a piece.

So many young people reach millionaire status by the time they are 25. Not as many kids are choosing college and career, because they know that they can become a millionaire by just marketing themselves. Or using technology and inventing something that everyone thinks they need. It’s so easy to convince someone that they need something.
A lot has to do with being social influencers. Which use to be only reserved to celebritys.

It’s a generation thing that does not seem to be going anywhere. Not that I’m¬†bashing it, I just want to know where the balance should be.

I know of ladies middle age and up, who have hopped on this overnight success bandwagon. ¬†It astounds me. People just decide to transform their life, and within a couple years… they are rich & famous. They say this is ‘the me generation’ and perhaps they are right.

People are motivated to not live the lives of their parents, or grandparents. They want more! And they are getting more.

But at what cost?

This brings me right back to happiness and excitement.
I’ve always thought that three things in life would bring our nation happiness.

1. World Peace

2. Independent wealth

3. Everyone worships the same God.

So what would this look like?  On an earthly platform.

What if we had world peace. No wars. No need for military. Everyone just got along. ‘Peacefully’

What if we were all independently wealthy.

Maybe there was no need for money of any kind.

Or maybe we all enjoyed our jobs, therefore we were always in a good mood. We got along with everyone. We enjoyed our work environments completely.

We also were all the same religion.

Everything just was….

In a world that has become so fast paced, with so much wealth….

Why do we have more depressed/sucidal people then ever before?

Is it because we have arrived? 

We have nothing to look forward to. 

I’m not talking spiritually. I know we have Heaven to look forward to if we are Christians. I’m referring to here. On earth.¬†
The excitement. 

Where oh where has it gone?

And more importantly, how can we get it back?


Do you ever…

Do you ever see something you like, buy it, then come home and try it on…only to realize it’s just not you?

This bothers me so much!
We are told that if we like something, wear it!

After the neon 80’s, I have always dressed in more of a Boho/Hippie-like fashion. 

Long skirts, floral dresses, dangly earrings, feathers, flowy tops. 

You know, a toned down Mrs. Roper. Lol

Oh! And if I’m feeling really confident, form fitting athletic wear. I feel good in my yoga pants too. (Not to be confused with leggings.)

But I REALLY love the pink,girly, frilly, fancy, dressy wear.

I love designer bags and carry them with my bohemian attire…Fully knowing how ridiculous it looks. But I also carry my World Market/Whole Foods, patchwork purses too. I love both!

So recently I’ve boughten myself some dress slacks and button ups to match the designer bags.


I feel like someone other then myself when I look in the mirror.

I feel confident, but not myself. Why can’t I just feel the same in everything?

Anyone ever feel this way?

Spiritual Gift Test

So for class home work we had to take this test. Anytime I hear the word ‘test’ it frightens me. But alas’, I dove right in!

It took a full 30 minutes. Not that I was being timed. *shudder* ;o)

Personally, I feel as though we should already know what our gifts are. Especially if you have been a Christian for a good while. 

Here were my top three. 

I figured, but the order was off. None the less… they are suppose to be used to further Gods kingdom. 

I only wish it wasn’t ‘church based’ A lot of the questions I had to answer differently because they were set up in such a way that caters to your gifts within the congregation. If that makes sense…

~If anyone reading wants to share there too three, please do.