Do you ever…

Do you ever see something you like, buy it, then come home and try it on…only to realize it’s just not you?

This bothers me so much!
We are told that if we like something, wear it!

After the neon 80’s, I have always dressed in more of a Boho/Hippie-like fashion. 

Long skirts, floral dresses, dangly earrings, feathers, flowy tops. 

You know, a toned down Mrs. Roper. Lol

Oh! And if I’m feeling really confident, form fitting athletic wear. I feel good in my yoga pants too. (Not to be confused with leggings.)

But I REALLY love the pink,girly, frilly, fancy, dressy wear.

I love designer bags and carry them with my bohemian attire…Fully knowing how ridiculous it looks. But I also carry my World Market/Whole Foods, patchwork purses too. I love both!

So recently I’ve boughten myself some dress slacks and button ups to match the designer bags.


I feel like someone other then myself when I look in the mirror.

I feel confident, but not myself. Why can’t I just feel the same in everything?

Anyone ever feel this way?

2 thoughts on “Do you ever…

  1. Me, lolll! A month ago I was desperately shopping a dresd for my sister’s wedding… Like you, Im on the hippie boho side but I want to look dressy, I was her witness and part of her line up you know! I tried on dresses for 8 hrs, no kidding… Im serious though, 8hrs straight and I didnt feel like myseld in any… Oh they were fitting well, like really well but gosh, so not me!!! I ended up rhe night trying 1 last dress, a beautiful long boho one with flowers and I fell in love! At the wedding, everyone told me how much it was an awesome choice, so ME 😉

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