#1 Dreams

I have been pretty good at keeping up with my lucid dream blog, but I wanted to blog about why I think it’s important to write about your dreams. If it interests you of course. If it doesn’t, why bother. I know.

I have always had vivid, detailed, sometimes lucid night dreams.
I started writing them down when I was a pre-teen…

I took a bit of a break as a young adult, and then about 14 years ago started writing them out again.

I love how you can go back and reread them. I’ve even dreamt about people that I  met in real life, years later.

I think that’s amazingly cool!

And sometimes there are hidden messages that make total sense years after having certain dreams. Or even nightmares.

And of course there are people that I’ve dreamt about that I have yet to meet in real life. Or perhaps will never meet.

But I mostly dream about those that I currently know in real life.

And if I talk to you frequently in real life, chances are good that you will be very active in my dreams, as well as my prayers. It’s just how it has always played out.

I have only had experience with sleep paralysis a couple times in my life, but I can remember all too well how terrifying it can be.

Lately I have been having dreams about words.

This is very new to me.

Last week it started.

I was in a deep lucid sleep and saw myself laying in bed and saying the word, Inconspicuous. I was a sleep looking down at myself.

I was able to wake myself up. It was 3:30am. And I could not get the word to leave my brain.
Has anyone ever expirenced this before?

Dreaming about words instead of people?


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